How Much Do Hearing Aids Really Cost?


Hearing aids can conveniently maximize the hearing potential of people with hearing loss problems allowing them to listen and communicate better. Using hearing aids helps them to go on with their usual lives without facing the difficulties that come with hearing loss problems. Even though hearing aids are really important for dealing with hearing loss, many people still don’t have the proper idea about the cost of hearing aid devices.

You might want to know how much hearing aids really cost. After reviewing the current market for quite some time, we have been able to determine the price range of hearing aids. We will talk about the price range of hearing aids. We’ll also talk about why hearing aids cost so much money

On average, hearing aids cost over USD 2500. Most branded hearing aids and hearing aids of good quality cost around that number. But you can also get hearing aids for a much lower cost too, which can cost about 400 to 500 USD per pair.

If you can manage to get hearing aids directly from big-box stores, it will cost you substantially less. This way you will also have access to hearing aids of special brands and models that aren’t usually available at clinics. This buying-direct model can cut your hearing aids costs by 50% or even more at times. Read on to have more insight about the cost of hearing aids.

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

Based on a survey conducted by Consumer Reports, the price of a single hearing aid is around 2560 USD on average. The price is 5120 USD when it comes to a pair of hearing aid devices. If hearing aids are bought in a pair, it makes the price drop to 2340 USD per hearing aid or 4680 USD for a pair. Around 85% of people prefer buying hearing aids in a pair.

Despite the average price of a hearing aid being around 2500 USD, you can get hearing aids for as little as 400 to 500 USD a pair. At these lower price points, you might not get the highest level of technology. But if you are in for minimalistic features based on your lifestyle and hearing loss type, you can go for them easily. Here are some of the best hearing aids you can get  under $1000.

So, you can say that the price of a single hearing aid device can range from USD 399 to USD 6000, based on various factors like the hearing aid’s brand, model, type, design, features, and other stuff.

Here is a price list of hearing aids from some of the most esteemed brands-

  • Lively- Average Model Price 1450 USD per pair
  • MD Hearing Aid- Average Model Price 399 USD per pair
  • Eargo- Average Model Price 1500 USD per pair
  • Audicus- Average Model Price 998 USD per pair

Things Included in the Price

The price that’s listed under hearing aid devices might not be the only amount you’ll have to pay before walking out the door. The overall cost of hearing aid devices can include various services like dispensing and fitting fees, warranties, adjustments, customization, aftercare, and ongoing care like future appointments.

These fees are added to the original price of the hearing aid device and are usually associated with an audiologist or a hearing center. However, getting hearing aids online from a direct-to-consumer site can help you purchase them while paying only the price of the hearing aids.

Bundling costs are another reason for the price of hearing aids getting high. The hearing center or your audiologist can bundle costs by including the price of all your hearing needs with the original hearing aid price. Bundle costs can include-

  • The Hearing Aid Devices
  • Ongoing Professional Services
  • Fittings
  • Repairs
  • Loaner Hearing Aids

However, you can just pay for your hearing aids by asking to have costs unbundled. Then you can purchase the other services later if you need them. Some people prefer to have the security that comes with bundling.

Factors that Affect Hearing Aid Costs

Here are the factors that affect the cost of hearing aids-

Level of Technology

Cutting-edge technology, improved innovations, various connectivity features like wireless components, Bluetooth, smartphones, telecoil, multiple channels to adjust the hearing aid’s volume of certain frequencies, etc. can increase the cost of different hearing aid models.

Hearing Aid Style

The style of the hearing aid can highly affect its price. For instance, ITE hearing aids are comparatively more expensive than BTE hearing aids.

Battery Type

Hearing aids that come with rechargeable batteries cost higher than the ones with disposable batteries. Despite that, rechargeable hearing aids can save you a lot of money in the future.

Operational Features

These days hearing aids come with various operational features like noise reduction, feedback management, wind noise management, directional microphones, tinnitus-masking features, even artificial intelligence. Having these features can highly increase the cost of hearing aids.

Model of Hearing Aids

Hearing aid brands keep bringing in different models from time to time. Sometimes a model doesn’t offer much at all compared to the previous model, except a bit of change in looks. But the brands bring a change in the cost and charge higher for the new model. Some brands have previous models that are often highly similar to the latest versions and are more affordable. If the features are suitable for your needs and preferences, and the newer models don’t come with better features, then you can easily save money by going for an older model. Sometimes the differences are so minimal that it is hard to differentiate.

Hearing Aid Support and Ongoing Care

Hearing consultations, hearing aid adjustments, fittings, and ongoing care from a hearing center professional can affect the cost of your hearing aids. The more support and services you will avail of, the higher your cost will be.

Insurance Benefits

There are some private health insurance providers that offer specific and limited benefits for hearing aids and hearing evaluations that can lower your cost. There are also many government-based options like state-based healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, vocational rehabilitation, etc. Also, there are various hearing aid foundations that help to get hearing aids for a lower cost, or for free.

Final Words

Hearing aids are really important for someone who is suffering from hearing loss problems. It becomes difficult for many to get proper hearing aids due to their high cost. But the price range of hearing aids is wide, so if you look around carefully, you will be able to find suitable hearing aids well within your budget. If budget is not an issue, you can easily get any hearing aid, and go for all kinds of exclusive features that come with hearing aids. Otherwise, make sure to get the only features you really need. Also, make sure to choose the proper type and design, as these things affect the cost a lot.

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