Holiday in NYC: Where to Eat Healthy When Visiting


Good food is one of the most important factors when it comes to vacations. But good and healthy food can save your holiday and post-holiday mood from ruining.
This article lists a colourful platter with various healthy foods from diverse cultures, ethnicities and health beliefs. Let’s get started!

Healthy Food Eateries In NYC

Given below is a list of the best places you’ll find in NYC for healthy eating options:

Buna Cafe

Kedega Srage expertly stews the vegan Ethiopian food offered at Bunna Cafe, which is colourful, complex, and spicy. Using a platform in the middle of the dining room to roast the coffee beans, she is also skilled at performing the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

The usual tool for scooping up veggies and simmering beans is sourdough injera bread. Particularly tasty is the Shiro, a delicacy prepared from ground split peas that tastes of ginger and garlic. Liyuw Ayalew and Sam Saverance, the company’s co-founders, founded Bunna as a pop-up.
In 2014, it finally became so well-liked that they permanently occupied this cosy, brick-lined Bushwick room. It’s a location where you can avoid eating meat but not drink alcohol because the bar is well-stocked.


A new café in Noho called Honeybrains serves cuisine that enhances brain health. This brain food restaurant claims that the meals will even aid in the battle against illnesses like Alzheimer’s.
In December 2016, Honeybrains launched its first eatery in Noho. As of today, the chain has four locations, and development plans are ongoing.

According to Honeybrains, by providing people with information and goods that might enhance their quality of life, Honeybrains can positively influence the world. Honeybrains healthy eating in New York City aims to transform scientific understanding of brain health into pleasurable meals, beverages, and experiences. Based on the greatest available research, their L.I.F.E. Process entails carefully selecting and mixing ingredients to create wholesome and delicious dishes.
Additionally, there is a “bowls and plates” area and a “HoneyBar” that serves raw honey.

Divya’s Kitchen

Delicious vegan and vegetarian food are offered at Divya’s Kitchen, which draws its inspiration from the Ayurvedic tradition. Our strategy involves applying an Ayur Vedic perspective to reinvent the foods of Italy, India, Asia, and the Mediterranean. To enhance taste, liveliness, and digestibility, every dish we offer at the restaurant is freshly prepared every day. When feasible, we exclusively utilise organic, seasonal, and local ingredients that are of the greatest calibre and freshness.

Avant Garden

Ravi DeRossi is responsible for this tiny, artistic restaurant that aims to give vegan food some much-needed polish. The dynamic menu at Avant Garden couldn’t have come at a better time, as upscale meatless options are in high demand among New York’s diners.
Consider the chilled, crunchy jicama, Meyer lemon and salt-baked sweet potato with puréed watercress. When browsing through the menu, you can also try the deep-fried sushi rice with avocado, sesame seeds, crushed ginger, and miso paste streaks. Avant Garden’s thick slices of toast topped with toasted walnuts, sweet onion marmalade, herbes de Provence, and cremini mushrooms are fated to become a signature dish.

Beyond Sushi

The chef-driven, vegan, and kosher restaurant chain Beyond Sushi leads the plant-based movement. By serving up a casual lunch that is appealing to wealthy diners, Chef Guy Vaknin revolutionised the vegan concept with this innovation and thoughtfulness. Guy Vaknin, a chef, is renowned for his inventive plant-based meals. After serving his military duty in the Israeli Defence Force, he travelled to the United States and started college as a computer engineering major.


The ABC Carpet & Home building is home to Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s third establishment, abcV. The tasting menu offered by the chef provides a representative sample of the almost unheard-of and wholly sustainable vegetable platings.
A roasted beet salad with avocado purée, chilli aioli, pickles, and lovage is something you might want to try. Or more substantial alternatives like beluga lentils with yams and broccoli stems or spinach spaghetti with broccoli, kale, preserved lemon, and Parmigiano.


There are a few more names that you can add to that list. Oath Pizza, The Butcher’s Daughter, Little Beet Table, and Hangawi are some more options that you can opt for once you’ve covered the list above.
You know where to find healthy food now that you have the names. So nourish your hunger pangs and Bon appétit to all!

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