Health, Taste, Reliability: Dawlance’s new refrigerator series offers everything you need


I’m sure you know that feeling when you actually find the energy to cook your favorite dish but lose the appetite to eat it? You put it in your fridge, thinking it would make a great midnight snack. But bam! In the midst of life, you forget it was there in the first place. Fast forward six days, you remember what you did and now you can’t help but crave that awesome dish you made – however, you know it’s been too long and your chance to consume it without falling seriously ill has passed.

At this time, you wish you had a good memory OR you had a refrigerator with a technology to keep your food fresh until you realize you want it!

Breaking news! The latter is now possible.

Dawlance, a consumer’s reliable partner and a leading brand in the home appliance category in Pakistan has introduced its all-new refrigerator series, a revolutionary advancement which ups the innovation game in significant ways.

With food being an important part of every household, Dawlance vows to keep your food items fresh and preserved for longer than you can imagine, using three notable features:

  • Nature Lock Technology helps vitalize and keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 20 days, allowing consumers to maintain a healthy diet. The technology controls moisture in an optimal way so that the items stored in the crisper compartment of the refrigerator don’t get soggy and remain fresh.

    But the impact of this refrigerator goes beyond the individual cooking experience, it helps families opt for a healthier lifestyle. An estimated 36 million tones of food are wasted every year in Pakistan. With Dawlance’s new refrigerators, you can not only make your cooking experience healthier but also ensure your food remains fresh for longer so you can utilize leftovers without wasting them. As a result, you can avoid the hassle of frequent grocery shopping in your busy routine and live a healthier, balanced life.


  • Vitamin Fresh Technology simulates the natural sun cycle through RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lights in the lower compartment (crisper) of the refrigerator to preserve vitamin A and C in fruits and vegetables. These vitamins help in boosting immunity while being a good source of nutrition.


  • Hybrid Cooling Technology maintains optimal temperature in every corner of the refrigerator and enhances air circulation. The technology ensures longest cooling retention in the freezer compartment for up to 6 days. This means longer cooling retention, even when there is a power outage.

The all-new Dawlance Refrigerator series is now available in various exquisite colors at major retailers nationwide and online.

To see Dawlance’s latest appliances and other products, visit:

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