Ziauddin College of Dentistry – A Hallmark of Excellence in Dental Education


The College of Dentistry is Ziauddin’s pre-eminent division of high-class dental education. It symbolizes Ziauddin’s commitment to providing top notch education since 2010. The bds college has experienced tremendous growth over the years as the trendsetter in dental and oral health care. The college on its way has received a number of accolades on national and international levels.

The BDS program offered by Ziauddin focuses on the student’s professional as well as cognitive learning. The 4-year programme is tailored to inculcate in incumbents the professional and interpersonal attributes required to excel as a dentist and oral health expert.

So, what makes Ziauddin the best college for dentistry? For one, the college is stacked with all the modern, state of the art medical equipment. From dental probes and retractors to intraoral cameras and dental burs – Ziauddin’s Dental College accommodates the best dental technology for learning.

The college has state of the art laboratories and dental OPDs where students can be put through their paces. The fully equipped laboratories ensure that the students receive an excellent learning environment.

Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programs at Ziauddin:

Ziauddin College of Dentistry holds provides the most comprehensive and well laid out 4-year programme leading to BDS. The curriculum is in tandem with the international standards of teaching dentistry and oral health. Each year is divided into a number of modules that does not only equip students with the skill set required to treat patients, but also serves to stimulate curiosity among them.

After the completion of each academic year, students are rotated in different colleges to attain hands on experience under the supervision of experts. Ziauddin is a firm believer of giving maximum exposure to its students, as every patient’s diagnosis is unique. This helps our dentists to cultivate their professional talents.

The college also offers post graduate programs including M.Phil. in oral biology and oral pathology, the eligibility of both is a BDS degree. Both degrees focus on armoring students with the latest methodology prevalent in the dental world. The degrees build upon the core skills acquired during their BDS programme and equip the students to tackle issues related to the mouth, jaws and related structures such as the temporomandibular joints and salivary glands.

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