Basic Make-Up Looks to Try if You’re a Makeup Junkie

Looks to master as a beginner MUA.


If you are planning to become a recognized makeup artist, then it is vital for you to experiment with different makeup looks. With time these looks trends have changed, and gazillion cosmetic products have been introduced to the market. Even simple makeup looks have undergone a drastic change. To keep pace with the alterations in the world of makeup, you need to keep yourself well informed. The best way to start is to look for a good and popular live makeup video platform that gives you an opportunity to learn new techniques.

Here are some of the makeup looks that are trending and you could learn to master.

Bridal Makeup

The most on demand and popular makeup look is none other than bridal makeup. It is always in demand and requires expertise to focus on facial features, such as eye, lips, to ensure it enhances the beauty of the bride. There are many things that you need to consider while working on a bride. First of all, the setting of the lights in the venue, the complexion of the bride, features of the bride, the dress of the bride and what kind of makeup the bride wants you to deliver.

For instance, at some weddings, the bride wants to keep it natural and expect a sophisticated and elegant look, whereas some brides expect a bold eye makeup with false eyelashes. This is the reason why bridal makeup can get a bit tricky for new makeup artists. Nevertheless, it is advised that you must keep confidence in yourself and apply the makeup with precision.

The Au Naturale Look

These days everybody prefers the au naturale look. This is the best option for those who want something subtle and not too gaudy. You might think it is easy, but it isn’t. It is hard to nail this look because you have to create something noticeable with less products. Nude makeup style involves light eye makeup, skin tone foundation, neutral lip makeup, and suitable under eye concealer.

Your focus should be to hide all the flaws and blemishes and enhancing the features of the individual. For instance, you may use two different shades of the same eyeshadow colour. So, now you have room to play with shades and tones. For that lasting touch you may use a good volumizing mascara and it’s always better to avoid avoid eyeliner.

Party look

Festive occasions call for festive and vibrant looks. People usually turn to makeup artists for a quick and easy fix. Face it, everybody wants attention and for the right reasons. However, for this, you need to become an expert in party makeup looks. The first thing that you must consider is party’s theme and location, so that you can do your makeup accordingly.

For instance, if it’s a friend’s farewell party, the makeup needs to be balanced, but if it’s for a night out with friends then you may opt for signature smokey eye makeup looks as the purpose is to make the person look beautiful yet carefree. Always remember to dust the face with translucent powder to keep the makeup intact if the event is outdoors and the weather is fairly towards the warm side.

Concealer for under eyes and a non-smudgeable powder is a must to be used for eye makeup. Go for dark and bold tones for night events. You can also try gold tones. Complete the look with light pink glossy lipstick and dark brown eyeshadow blended on the outer corner of your eye.

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Essentials for Every Makeup Junkie

You can make or break a makeup look with the use of blush and contouring. It helps with highlighting your face shape and jaw bone. To start off you should always carry blushes in basic earthy and pink tones.

Eyes determine the success of your makeup look, so always carry a mascara, eyelash curler and eye liner with you. A single coat of mascara is more than enough to highlight your eyes.  However, you may do this with some extra effort.

Whenever applying makeup on the eye, you must according to the color of the eye and its shape. Try to learn some tips for applying each product of the eye makeup. Eye liner looks great on big and almond shaped eyes to learn the classic winged liner technique. Similarly, with small eyes, you can go for a kohled look with lots of mascara.

You might be in the nascent stage of your career as a makeup artist and aspiring to get popular. You can start off by following a video platform online and can learn from turorials.


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