Benefits of having a Pharmacy Near You


The importance of having pharmacies near your living space is often downplayed. Pharmacies are perceived as dull stores stocked with medicines, that are needed at times only. The reality is quite the opposite as pharmacies play a crucial role in the healthcare sector. If a pharmacy is somewhere in the vicinity of a residential area, its benefits are doubled.

To understand the benefits of having a pharmacy near you, it is crucial to interpret the importance of pharmacists working in pharmacies. They are trained professionals with detailed knowledge of medicines and drugs along with adequate knowledge of some minor medical issues and emergencies. Pharmacists bridge the gap between the patients and doctors as their job not only includes providing comprehensive information about the medicine like its usage, benefits and dosage but also dealing with medicine-related issues like allergies and possible minor side effects to the prescribed drugs. 

Keeping in mind the points mentioned above, having a pharmacy near you is extremely beneficial. Some other benefits are listed below:

Delivery Services:

At times it becomes a hassle for people, mainly due to lack of time or transport, to drive down to a pharmacy every week or fortnight to get medicines. Local and independent pharmacies, being the convenience they are, also provide delivery services. The delivery services not only provide the medicines to the concerned patient but also necessary help if needed, for example, to check and keep track of vitals. Delivery services are also provided by online pharmacies such as emeds pharmacy, which are also convenient in times of dire need.

Instant Medical and Health Care:

Unless and until the residence is located in a metropolitan or an urban area, the chances of having a hospital or an emergency center in the near vicinity are very minuscule. In small remote towns and rural areas where the opportunities for instant medical care in case of emergencies is very scarce, local pharmacies play a vital role in the delivery of healthcare benefits in the locality. In case of any emergency, the trained pharmacists can reach within a couple of minutes to the place of need and start the treatment, which can save precious time and eventually lives.


Tracking Basic Vital Statistics:

Local pharmacies also provide many services that can, in the end, aid physicians and specialists later. They are equipped to check basic vital statistics such as low/high blood pressure, blood sugar level, heart rate and many other statistics. Regular checking and tracking of these vitals can not only help in keeping a record of the patient, but it can also point out any irregularity in it. The pharmacist can then also help in figuring out what specialist to consult, making it significantly easier to acquire medical help. 

Local Events regarding Health Issues and Medical Care:

One unique benefit of a local pharmacy is that it helps in awareness of specific health issues by holding events and seminars with the help of the local community. Community-based pharmacies play a considerable role in this. Such events can be held for awareness about the side effects and misuse of drugs and medicines. It can educate about the precautionary and preventive measures regarding ailments of diabetes and blood pressure, mock events to guide how to act in case of an emergency or can educate about various medical problems on how to tackle them. 

Patient-Centred Focus:

Among the lists of benefits, having a patient-centred service in a pharmacy is an important one. Pharmacies, be they a local-community based pharmacy or an independent privately-owned one, become more important in the healthcare system because of their individualized patient care. Where, in the bigger context of this sector, personalized attention usually takes a back seat, a local pharmacy comes in to fill the gap. The pharmacies in the locality create a sense of familiarity between the patients and pharmacists paving the way for better communication regarding medicine-related issues. People have known to show positive behavior and satisfaction when their pharmacists in their locality keep track of their names and ailments. 

The local pharmacy team can also keep track of the medical records and health issue record making it very easy for the customer and the pharmacist to provide the best and safest OTC (Over the Counter) medicines.



One of the benefits of having a pharmacy in the neighborhood is convenience. In today’s world convenience has now become a demand and need for human beings. Having a pharmacy only a few yards away is always beneficial and helpful. 

Pharmacies near you also have pharmacists that are well able to tackle daily life health issues like common cold, pain, fever, cough, or allergy-related problems. They can give concerned customers an extensive rundown of what-to-dos and what-not-to-dos as well as prescribe the drugs best suited according to one’s medical history. The pharmacies can also provide common prescribed and non-prescribed vitamins for any vitamin deficiencies. Apart from that, they can also guide you about other health and beauty products, for example, ointments to treat dry skin, products to tackle dandruff and so on. Having a locally located pharmacy employing trained professionals can save you the expense and time of going to a doctor for minor health issues.

Even though pharmacies and drugstores are known for selling medicines and pharmaceutical products including prescribed and unprescribed that usually includes OTC (Over the Counter) medicines like for common cold, pain-killers, cough and fever. Many drug stores also store many other items like health and beauty products, toiletries, feminine hygiene products, hair products like shampoos and conditioners, first-aid supplies, as well as crutches and other mobility aids.


Local pharmacies are a vital stoke in the wheel of the healthcare system and play a pivotal role in the smooth running of it. Having a pharmacy in the neighborhood is very beneficial.

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