5 Inspiring Yogis To Follow On Instagram


Starting your yoga journey? Instagram can be a great source of inspiration if you know who to follow. Take a look at these yogis who are giving us every reason to take a moment and breathe away our worries.

1. Kehkashan Nadeem

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Some general information about aerial practice: Aerial yoga is a mix of yoga, acrobatics and physical therapy. It is a proper skill and for any skill in life, we need time to learn it. Therefore, we do not offer drop in classes. People who come in with the mind set of conventional yoga practice would be disappointed 😔 because the swing allows us to move freely and stretch easier, it has a higher chance to cause injury or over stretch the ligaments and muscles, therefore it has to be guided very well step by step for safety reasons. There is too much information and instructions for beginners to digest (hence I tend to talk too much during class and crack jokes from time to time to make it feel lighter and enjoyable 😅) in short to receive information and implement it at the same time in the very moment. As we grow older our learning abilities slow down, which may require us to make a greater effort to learn things, unlike in our childhood, but we bail ourselves by blaming our multiple scenarios and situations 🙈 if we try hard and believe in ourselves we can surely learn or do what we desire. Some casual guidelines; As this is not conventional yoga, the teacher has to be with the swing most of the time to demonstrate the correct way because there is so much to learn and understand, not just warrior II, plank, upwards downwards dog. We as teachers keep in our minds who is doing what and then assist poses individually when needed. Ask me what you like to know, if any thing specific, before and after the class, I am available. If you have decided to learn aerial skills pleeeeeease come before time I need to know about you, any injuries or limitations etc beforehand➡️to be continued in next post. #aerialyogalove #aerialsilks #bluehammock #hammockyoga #yogagram #uluyoga #fearless #fun #goodvibesonly #sundaypractice #yogisofinstagram #yogisofkarachi #yogainpakistan @muvbase #practiceverydamnday #acrobeginner #silk #movement #boatpose

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If you’re particularly interested in aerial yoga, this Pakistani yogi is the one to follow. After getting her training in Thailand, Nadeem brought aerial yoga to Karachi, Pakistan. In Nadeem’s interview with a local publication, she explained that her style involves a combination of both ancient and modern techniques, focusing on breathing, upper body techniques, flexion/extension, and rotational and dynamic movements of the joints. She recently learned aerial hammock training in Bali, Indonesia, which she plans to introduce to her students as well.

2. Jessamyn Stanley

This yoga teacher from North Carolina, USA continues to dispel the myth there’s only one body shape. Jessamyn Stanley provides a body positive approach to yoga by teaching her students to focus on how they feel rather then how they look. That’s why her posts on Instagram not only show beautiful yoga poses, but also messages of empowerment. Stanley herself has admitted several times how she struggled with self-love and how she overcame it. If you are going through the same predicament, this yogi may be your perfect inspiration.

3. Deepika Mehta

Deepika Mehta has worked with many celebrities, including Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif. She has mastered the art of Ashtanga Yoga, which she constantly shows in her Instagram photos. She also travels the world because of her practice, hence you’re likely to find scenic backgrounds behind her poses. However, Mehta is also a strong advocate of body positivity. She teaches self-acceptance just as much as she teaches yoga. Whether it’s for travel inspiration, body love, or ideas for yoga poses, Mehta’s account may have what you’re looking for.

4. Rachel Brathen

With over 2.1 million followers as of this writing, Rachel Brathen is one of the most popular yogis on Instagram. After mastering Vinyasa Flow on land, she started practicing poses on paddle boards. She currently resides in Aruba, where she founded the Island Yoga studio. She teaches classes, holds workshops, and hosts luxurious yoga retreats. In case you weren’t familiar, Aruba is a beautiful Caribbean island that’s worth a once in a lifetime trip. Aside from its natural wonders, the island also offers other man-made attractions. The Excelsior Casino in particular is noteworthy because of it being the birthplace of the Caribbean Stud Poker. According to CasinoSource’s overview of Caribbean Stud Poker, this unique game was first introduced in the 1980s and spread all throughout the Caribbean and on cruise ships. If you needed any other reason to visit the island aside from yoga, that could be it. Just by looking at Brathen’s Instagram photos, you’ll see that Aruba is a must-see destination.

5. Kimmy & Crissy Chin

Even though they both live on opposite sides of the USA, the Chin Twins display their strong connection through each Instagram post. One lives in a rural area, while the other resides in one of the busiest cities in the world. The both highlight this by demonstrating the same yoga pose but on different settings. Meanwhile, each yoga pose they do together show beautiful symmetry, hence they could be perfect inspiration if you plan to do yoga poses with a partner.

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