Mint Leaves (Poodina): The Various Health Benefits of a Refreshing Herb

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Mint leaves need no introduction. They are a very common ingredient we usually have in our household. We use them in various foods – including salads and drinks – for flavoring but are not fully aware of their amazing benefits

The popular herb doesn’t only have a refreshing aroma and taste but also holds tons of health benefits. Its scientific name is Mentha and is available in more than two dozen different species. The medicinal use of mint is not a recent discovery. In fact, it has been used for centuries for its natural and remarkable medicinal properties.

We have list down the top health benefits of mint so that the next time you use it, you know how amazing it is.

1.      Helps with Digestion

Mint is a popular choice to help with stomach discomfort and digestive disorders. A warm cup of mint tea is extremely soothing if you are suffering from stomach inflammation or indigestion.

Mint’s refreshing aroma activates the salivary glands in our mouth and help stimulate digestive enzymes. As a result, it facilitates digestions. This is the main reason why many international countries use mint for palate cleanser, to be consumed before the meal to help with easy digestion.

2.      Treats Headache and Nausea

Fresh mint leaves can instantly help you deal with headache and nausea. People who suffer from motion sickness – especially during air and sea travel – usually carry a handful of fresh mint leaves or mint oil as an effective remedy for nausea.

Balms with menthol properties can be used for rubbing on the nose and forehead to relieve headache. The natural soothing substances present in mint can help alleviate inflammation to ease migraines and headaches.

3.      Helps with Weight Loss

Most herbal teas designed for weight loss have mint as a major ingredient. It’s no surprise that a stimulant like mint can help with weight loss effectively. Most people simply use mint in warm water to boost weight loss.

Mint leaves do not only encourage the digestive enzymes to absorb food nutrients and use fat as usable energy, they also contain dietary fiber that makes you feel satiated soon. Since mint also helps with digestive problems, it improves the metabolism and does not store fat in the body. This in return aids weight loss.

4.      Relieves Common Cold

Mint’s most significant content is menthol, which is a popular decongestant. Mint, in fact, has become a common herb used as a natural ingredient for balms, inhalers, and other solutions for common colds and respiratory problems.

You do not have to buy these products from store when you can gain the same benefits by simply inhaling the steam of hot mint water. In addition to this, you can also consume mint water to help with those nasal congestions and runny nose. The menthol helps get rid of mucus and phlegm and keeps it from becoming worse.

5.      Great for Oral Health

Why do so many toothpastes contain mint?

Of course, the refreshing flavor and aroma are major reasons but there are other benefits for oral health too. Menthol oil present in mint is also rich in anti-microbial properties. In most toothpastes and mouthwashes, menthol is combined with ethyl alcohol for better results.

Mint water present in these oral health products helps bring a cool and fresh sensation in the mouth and maintains oral hygiene. Additionally, it freshens up the esophagus and does not lead to dryness or irritation.

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If you didn’t know about these benefits and you don’t use mint that often, now you have every reason to stock back on that herb right now!

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