Pardesi Desserts That Desis Love

Meetha nahin tou kuch nahin.


Meetha nahin tou kuch nahin. Is it possible to attend a dinner and not have dessert? Uh-uh, no way. The thing about us desis is that diabetes, or no diabetes, most of us tend to have a lovely little sweet tooth. And yes, all our desi favorites like shahi tukray, khobani ka meetha, kheer, etc. will always hold a special place in our hearts but there are some pardesi or ‘foreign’ desserts that go down equally well. Here’s a list of some ‘pardesi’ desserts that we all love.

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All sorts of ‘Delights’

Pineapple delight, mango delight, strawberry delight- give us a fruit and we’ll make you a delight. What is it exactly? I’m not entirely sure but it consists of two of our most loved ingredients: cream and condensed milk. And fruit, of course.


Naya Pakistan ka naya meetha. Jokes apart, it seems as if the tiramisu trend has really picked up speed over the last couple of years. No complaints here, we all love this coffee, cream cheese ‘delight’. One of the basic differences in traditional tiramisu and desi versions is that we opt out of using the more expensive mascarpone for the less expensive cream cheese (not the jar kind!). And we tend not to use egg-whites. Or liqueur. But everything else is the same.

Chocolate Mousse

A shaadi staple: gelatin filled chocolate mousse. Yummy. But sometimes, and there’s usually one amazing cook in the family, who makes a great, fluffy real-chocolate mousse. This dinner party is one we never miss.

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Hang on, hang on, I’m not talking about the real soufflé which has a base of whipped egg-whites as a raising agent and is baked until it reaches the right height. Nope. Our desi soufflé, is a mix of a ‘delight’ and a ‘no-bake cheesecake’. Go figure. Tastes great, regardless.

Three Milk Cake

Auntie Munawer introduced them and now they’ve spread like wildfire. Everyone loves this vanilla cake soaked in a sweet, cinnamon-y concoction of three types of milk. Once again, it contains our two favorite ingredients: cream and condensed milk.

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Fruit Trifle

We can’t even call this a ‘pardesi meetha’ anymore. However, we have to acknowledge that this is not something innately desi. Layers of plain cake, custard, fruit (usually the tinned fruit cocktail, you know what I’m talking about), cream and topped with lots of jelly- usually a green and red.

Which desserts are a staple at your dinner parties? And which desserts do you look forward to having at dinners? Let us know in the comments section!

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