Pakistani Oreo Is Halal And Here’s Why It Is The Best Cookie Ever

Twist, lick, dunk because it’s Halal and you know it


The cream filled cookie has become a household name all over the world, and the sensation has swept the Pakistani population along with it. The interesting thing is that Oreos aren’t just a snack, they have become a long-living trend and have a massive following due to its versatility. Kids and adults alike love Oreos and here are six reasons why you should too!

1. The ‘Dunk-ability’ of the cookie

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to dunk the cookie (even though it’s delicious either way); milk for the kids and tea for the adults (it can’t be just us doing that). We love that it retains its shape and becomes even more indulgent after dunking. *drool*

2. The fact that we don’t have to worry about them being Halal, ‘cause they are!

The Oreo cookie manufactured in Pakistan by Continental Biscuits Limited is certified Halal. The fact that this even needs to be pointed out is due to a statement circulating that Oreo cookies are not Halal. Don’t freak out! We’re in the clear, that bold printed Halal sign has us chilling, putting our feet up and enjoying our favorite cookie without a care in the world.

3. The versatility with which we can use the cookie

No cheat meal is complete without an Oreo dessert. Crushed Oreos layered with cream cheese, brownies with Oreos as a base, deep-fried Oreos topped with ice cream, coffee Oreos milkshake…brb, need to grab an Oreo dessert- stat.

4. Because everyone loves it

The thing is, you can’t really go wrong with Oreo cookies. If you’re ever in the supermarket and you’re thinking ‘hmm…I wonder which cookie everyone will like at my get together’, the answer is simple: Oreo.

5. They’re fun to eat

Well, you’ve got to follow the whole twist, lick, dunk routine. It’s mandatory. And because it’s mandatory, you don’t feel like a weirdo licking a cookie in the middle of your school canteen. ‘Cause it’s mandatory. You know?

6. They’re locally produced

We love the fact that buying a pack of Oreo isn’t just about satiating our cravings but also about supporting our local producers. It was a huge deal when Oreos came to Pakistan because it gave us all a chance to enjoy our favorite cookie while supporting our economy, and also being completely at ease about the fact that they follow all halal protocols.

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