8 Reasons We’re Excited About Mango Season


We’re trembling with excitement for this mango season, especially because it’s going to start with Ramazan! Here is a list of things we can’t wait to do with mangoes this summer!

1. Mango Shakes at Iftari

Oof that icy cold mango shake, rich and sweet after a long day of staying thirsty… Our mouths are already watering!

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2. Mango Popsicles

Sweet mango popsicles to soothe us in this killer heat? Yes please!

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3. Mango Potluck Parties

Although not super common, these involve everyone bringing one mango dish per person and having a party! Best use of mango season we have ever seen

4. Mango Chutney

OK, OK hear us out. Mango chutneys are the most perfect tangy and sweet combination ever and they go with everything!

5. Keris

The best part about mango season is getting those sour, green keris from mango trees and smacking our lips as we eat them.

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6. Mango Cups

From all the endless ways to cut mangoes, the cup method is the least messy and most favorite. And you can add a dollop of ice cream to your cup!

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7. Ghutli Messes

I don’t think we can ever grow out of sucking on an aam ki ghutli. The childhood nostalgia hits too hard to miss out!

8. Aam Ka Meetha at Sehri Time

Every house has a different version of this milk and mango dish but the best part is that they are ALL FREAKIN DELICIOUS.

Are you just as excited about mango season? Tell us why!

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