5 Food Blogs You Need to Follow This Ramazan

Iftar is an opportunity to try all different kinds of mouth-watering delights and eat until you can’t anymore


The one thing I look forward to in Ramazan is all the food I’m going to eat. As oxymoronic as that is, don’t judge me because I know you do too!

Iftar is an opportunity to try all different kinds of mouth-watering delights and eat until you can’t anymore. So, I’ve scoped through all our local food blogs to bring you the best ones. Whether you are looking to try cooking new things or just eat them, here are five blogs you don’t want to miss out on this Ramazan!


Not only does this blog have incredible aesthetics, Sanodia, the person behind this blog, tries out yummy new recipes that you can make in less than half an hour AND brings you authentic food reviews. One could scroll down this blog for hours and not get tired. Just hungrier and hungrier.


If you don’t particularly like cooking, but end up having to do it, this blog is for you! It has quick and incredible, authentic, desi recipes (along with many others), easy picture tutorials with step-by-step instructions and fulfilling results that leave you wanting more even if you can’t take any!

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Pro tip: Their chapli kababs are the best thing you will ever make! Tried and tested.


While not based locally, she is a Pakistani girl bringing us baked wonders that we definitely do not want to miss. She bakes the perfect blend of South Asian and continental, but you will also find original desi and non-desi recipes on her blog! My personal favorite is her quick and easy recipe for quiches which is perfect for Ramazan!


This blog is perfect for you, if you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone and try out some authentic Pakhtun dishes! Ghazala, an incredible chef, wife and mother, makes Pakhtun cooking look easy with step-by-step videos. She also posts about yummy quick snacks you can make and share with your family!


If you’re the type that doesn’t like to cook and just eat instead, then this blog is tale-ored just for you. A literal Karachi food guide for those looking to eat out for iftar this Ramazan, it brings you all the best and worst places to eat along with how much of a dent it’ll cause in your pocket!

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📍Hot n' Pepper 🍢Reshmi Kababs 📊9/10 💰Rs.370 Sometimes the best desi food are found on the roadside and Hot n' pepper is a living proof. Reshmi kababs in its true desi form- tantalizing aromas and perfectly balanced spices incorporated into that juicy succulent meat. Hot n' pepper is easily our go to bbq place, super delicious and easy on the pocket! Now on a hunt for a good Nihari place, drop your suggestions in the comment section below☺️ P.S This place does not have any sitting area, you'll have to gobble it all up in your 🚘 . . . . . . . #food #foodporn #foodie #blogger #blogging #pakistan #f4f #instagood #picoftheday #karachi #eat #cuisine #burger #cheese #chicken #beef #desi

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This is our list but we would like to hear from you as well. What food blogs do you love to follow? Let us know in the comments below!


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