10 Healthy Meals Under 300 Rupees

Making the switch to better food choices doesn't always have to break the bank


It isn’t always easy to find cheap healthy meals. Or even relatively healthy. We’ve done the research and put together 10 options for healthy meals that are priced at 300 rupees or less! These options may not be tailored to your diet plan, but they’re great when you want to make the switch to better eating.

Bonus: all of these items can be delivered to your doorstep

Chicken Tikka

Coming in at roughly 200-250 rupees, a chicken tikka is a great meal to stay on the healthy-eating track. Use the remainder for a chapatti, if you’re not having a low-carb meal. To get more meat for your buck, order the chest piece instead of the leg!

Options: Red Apple, Hot and Spicy, Meerath Kabab House

Chicken Roll in Chapatti

Roughly the same idea as a tikka, a chicken roll is easier to eat- no worrying about getting the meat off the bones AND it has the perfect ratio of chapatti to chutney to boti. Most BBQ joints are very accommodating in switching out the paratha for chapatti

Options: Red Apple, A-One Snacks, Hot and Spicy

Sandwiches and Wraps from EatFit

EatFit is specifically designed to provide you with healthy meal options. Even though a few options are out of our PKR 300 range, most of their wraps and sandwiches fit comfortably within the price point; their wraps start from just PKR 195 and sandwiches from PKR 240. If you play your cards right, you can add a healthy chocolate pudding for just an extra PKR 95

Channa Chaat

photo courtesy: mirchili

Considering the price point is roughly PKR 150 for one plate of channa chaat (depending on where you order from), you can order two plates and really indulge! Make sure to skip the dahi bara and the papri!

Options: Chatkharay, Mirchili

Berry Refreshing Smoothie- Green-O

Photo credit: GreenO

The yogurt smoothies at Green-O will cost roughly around PKR 260, and are a perfect option for days when you want to keep lunch light. The Berry Refreshing Smoothie is absolutely delicious.

Other Options: N’eco’s smoothies for PKR 299

Veggie Wok from N’eco’s

N’eco’s has become a household name when it comes to organically sourced meals. However, it isn’t the best option for the pockets. They do have a lean menu though and you can get an excellent Veggie Wok, just for PKR 299!

Chapli Kebabs/ Chapli Kebab Rolls from Chapli Kebab House

photo courtesy: chapli kebab house

The size of the chapli kebabs are enough to satiate your appetite. Please skip the naan and focus on these succulent kebabs in all their glory. The chapli kebab rolls come with the option of roti or paratha, priced between PKR 210-230. You can even get plain kebabs for PKR 330- serving for 2!

Shawarma from Pita-The Shawarma Revolution

Everyone loves a good shawarma and the latest addition to the scene isn’t disappointing us one bit! The original Beiruti shawarma (chicken) is priced at exactly 300- do make sure you pick the whole-wheat saj or pita bread and opt out of the fries.

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Red Kidney Beans Daal from Cafeela

Cafeela is now the go-to restaurant to get a meal that is closest to home-cooked. They have a wide variety of specials and the price points vary from PKR 100 to PKR 800. Even though the red kidney beans daal isn’t always available, do call and ask- it’s delicious and is priced at only PKR 100! They have a variety of sabzi that you can try but keep in mind, the use of oil is a little liberal here.

Chicken Haleem from Karachi Haleem

Absolutely ANY excuse to let us eat haleem, and we’ll use it. It’s packed full of protein and grains that keep our appetites satiated for longer periods of time. Get one, delicious plate from Karachi Haleem for PKR 100.

Options: Baba ki Haleem, Nihari Inn, Haleem Center