Pakistan’s Promising Young Weightlifter – Talha Talib


The 21-year-old weightlifter from Gujranwala made his Olympics debut and finished fifth in the 67kg category.

During the snatch round at Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Talha Talib finished second after lifting 150 kg weight whereas, he failed in the Clean & Jerk’s first round but managed to lift 170 kg weight in the third attempt with an overall lifting of 320 kg of weight.

At Olympics, China’s weightlifter Chen Lijun managed to win the gold by lifting 332 KGs whereas Columbia’s weightlifter Mosquera Lozano Luis Javier and Italy’s weightlifter Zanni Mirko achieved second and third spot after lifting 331 and 322 kgs of weights.

Lesser-Known Facts about Talha Talib

During his career, Talha had to face many obstacles such as lack of resources but that didn’t stop him. He started his training in the vicinity of a local school where he, his friends, and his family made a makeshift gym. The result of his training showed greatly as he won the gold medal at the 2020 International Solidarity Weightlifting Championship aggregating 304kg, which was his last international championship before the pandemic hit us.

Despite Talha’s obvious lack of resources he still made Pakistan proud and Twitterati showered him with praises and his name became the second top Pakistani trend on the site.


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