Debunking these Relationship Myths


There are a lot of relationship myths in our world. These are misguided ideas about love and relationships that our society has grown to accept as truth and are further spouting to the next generations as given facts of romantic wisdom. The cycle of these love myths continues on and on, reflected in popular culture and the media.

These types of relationship myths don’t match up with real people and their feelings. They are absurd beliefs that rarely apply in real situations. I’m here to tell you that many of the ideas about relationships are absolute crap so, let’s explore a few of such commonly held relationship myths.

There is a Soul Mate or True Love for Every Person

It is an obvious myth and also a mistake to believe that every person has a soul mate. You get into a relationship with a person not because he/she is the one who fits your requirements and matches your mind but it is because you met him/her at the right place and the right time.

Best Relationship is Between People of Similar Personality

Many people believe that similar personalities and mindsets attract each other and force them into relationships but it is a myth. No one is similar in the world as an individual. People may differ in other elements. For example, people who like the same food have different political mentalities. People with similar personality is just a vague concept.

Love is everything in relationships

Love as everything in a relationship is another myth that people consider. Relationships can start from basic attraction and cherish and flourish with love. But love is not the whole of any relationship, there are many other aspects like adjustment, obligation, responsibilities, dedication, and sacrifice. All of these are as important in a relationship as love.

Sexual activities foster relationships

Yes, sex helps foster relationships, but believing that sex is an essential factor in every relationship is a wrong concept. Relationships are much more than physical satisfaction. Emotional attachment and mental oneness are always required in a relationship. Believing that sex is everything in a relationship can damage the intensity in a relationship.

We are all in charge of our paths and destinies. And the idea of being with just one person creates unrealistic expectations about partnerships. It can also generate fear and anxiety about never finding “the one”. So, we all have to think practically and rationally rather than believing in such unrealistic myths.

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