Enjoy the winter breeze with tasty chicken cheese bites


For most Pakistanis, winter is their favorite season of the year. On one hand where people put up all their efforts to look stylish, colorful and trendy, they leave no space in decorating their tables with some really appetizing dishes.

One just can’t think of spending winters without coffee and soups. I, personally, think that we have more variety of dishes to eat in winters as compared to summers.

In spirit of this season, here is a recipe for chicken cheese bites that you can devour while you’re cuddled in your blankets.


Chicken mince – 1/2 kg
Mashed potato – 1/2 kg
Cheddar cheese – cut in blocks
Mozzarella cheese – cut in Julian
Black and white pepper
Chili flakes
Soya sauce
Bread crumbs


1) In a pan add oil and fry chicken mince till it is cooked well.

2) Now in a bowl, add chicken mince, mash potato, mozzarella cheese, salt, sauces, black and white pepper, chili flakes and mix it well.

3) Now make small balls from the mixture by keeping cheddar cheese block in the middle.

4) Dip these balls in egg and coat them will bread crumbs.

5) Keep them in the fridge for half an hour to settle it properly.

6) You can coat these balls in a mixture of crushed chips (Lays, Cheetos or Wavy).

7) In hot oil, deep fry these balls.

8) Serve them with garlic dips.

Winter allows us to enjoy things as much as we can. So make the most of this beautiful and soothing weather by eating and making some non-traditional snacks.