3 adorable desserts to make on New Year’s Eve


All great beginnings of our lives are welcomed with something sweet. That is a ritual which has been into practice since time remembers.

So why not try these delicious mini desserts on New Year’s Eve and welcome the year 2016 even more joyously?


This dish is a no-bake dessert which requires minimum culinary skills to prepare. So grab a spoon and a bowl and toss those ingredients to satisfy your sweet cravings!


Peanut butter – 1 ½ cups

Butter (melted) – ½ cup

Bunties – As much as you like

Chocolate chips – As much as you like

Powdered sugar – ½ cups

Your favorite chocolate (it could be plain or it can be with almonds) – 1 pound

Vanilla essence – 1 tbsp


Combine the peanut butter, butter and powdered sugar in a large bowl and mix well. You can use a hand electric mixer for this purpose too. Depending upon your choice of flavor, you can add bunties or chocolate chip cookies to the concoction. Or you can skip adding both and make plain peanut butter balls as well. Then add vanilla essence to it.

Finally, make balls of the concoction and freeze them for 30 minutes. Don’t over freeze at this stage. Next, melt the chocolate in a pan and roll the frozen balls in the melted chocolate. Lay them on a tray and freeze them again for a while, just enough so that the chocolate is hardened.

Serve chilled!



What could be better than a cookie-chocolate duo? This recipe also requires minimal skills to cook.


Cookie dough – 350g

Any chocolate with nuts in it


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees 10 minutes before you start preparing this. Also, prepare a baking dish with parchment paper and lay it aside.

Break the cookie dough into equal small pieces. On the other side, grind the chocolates but just slightly. The only purpose is to break them, not to finely grind them. Then wrap each piece into the cookie dough and place them on the baking dish. Then place the dish into the oven and make them on 350 for 10 to 15 minutes or until the sides are brown. Carefully take the dish out of the oven and wait for the cookies to cool down.

Serve them with a glass of warm milk! Nothing can be better!



Who doesn’t love an ice lollipop? And who doesn’t love chocolate spread? Try out this simple recipe to enjoy chocolate spread on a stick.


Cocoa powder – 2 heaping tbsp

Sugar – 3 heaping tbsp

Milk – 3 cups

Chocolate spread – 3 tbsp

Vanilla essence – 1 tsp


Add milk to a sauce pan. When it is near to boiling, add the cocoa powder and sugar to it. When it’s near to simmering, add the chocolate spread to it and whisk it. Then add one tea spoon vanilla essence.

Then take an ice cream mould and then fill it with the concoction and add an ice cream stick to it. Freeze it for 5-6 hours then serve it.


These are your go-to desserts to welcome the year 2016!

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