What to do during the 1st 10 days of Ramadan?


Muslims around the globe observe the holy month of Ramadan every year. This blessed month is divided into three stages known as “Ashras” of Ramadan. Each Ashra comprises roughly 10 days and has different rewards and blessings.

In this article, you will learn what to do in the 1st Ashra of Ramadan.

The 1st Ashra of ‘mercy’ and ‘blessings’

1st to 10th of Ramadan are the days of Mercy. One must offer as much dua as possible and seek Allah’s mercy and remember that while you seek mercy for yourself from Allah, be merciful to your fellow beings as well. Being merciful and kind to other fellow beings is one of the main objectives of the 1st Ashra. Below are numerous lessons that you can follow during these first 10 days:

  1. The main teaching of 1st Ashra is to acquire patience and cultivate good manners.
  2. We all should treat our fellow Muslims well and practice control over our anger and aggression.
  3. Give more and more charity, to evoke Allah Almighty’s Grace and Favors unto us.
  4. Let’s raise our hands in front of Allah to wipe off our sins and permits us to do more righteous deeds in Ramadan.
  5. Pray Taraweeh as it bears lots of extra benefits and rewards.
  6. Take out time to visit your close relatives who you don’t often speak to. This will bring you even closer to Allah.

May Allah accept our prayer in this blessed month of Ramadan, fill this holy month with lots of happiness and blessings for the Muslims and forgive our sins. Ameen