Whole Wheat vs Regular: Pasta Lineup


Do you wish to go on a diet that’s healthier, more satisfying, gives you more energy and also keeps you in shape? Well all your demands are justified, since staying healthy is not a mere desire it is a requirement and a need.

It’s also an obligation for those who have dependents for whom they are to provide for. Staying healthy is not always beneficial for yourself. Your loves ones also benefit from you staying healthy. Calling health a necessity now wouldn’t hurt a bit since it is true.

While trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is important for us to have a diet which adheres to the fact that we should eat food that is healthy. We must always keep an eye on all the food that goes in. No junk food should ever enter your kitchen. Ward it off as soon as you can. Well you can slip by a few times but never make it a habit.

Whole Wheat vs. Regular Pasta

People who are now going towards a well nurtured diet might be fascinated with the idea of being able to have various other healthy options. Whole wheat and white pasta are now available and anybody could choose whatever they might like. Whole wheat pasta constitutes the bran, the germ and also the endosperm, significantly whole – grain products are rich in fiber and nutrients and it is an excellent source of vitamin B and iron. White pasta on the other hand is less nutritious as the fiber is removed from it after refining and its nutrients are lost, although it contains a rationale amount of proteins, carbohydrates, iron and vitamin B but still whole wheat version of this dish is much more substantial then it in terms of health benefits because fiber turns into sugar quickly as soon as it reaches our digestive system.

Whole wheat pasta has many benefits including the good amount of nutrition which studies have shown that are pretty much responsible to ward off cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer and other digestive problems. Whole wheat pasta contains fiber which is extremely healthy to provide for you digestive system. It is easy to digest unlike the white pasta. Anybody who has allergies related to wheat, like those who are gluten sensitive must stay away from it and always consult a dietitian before opting for any product to escape troubles.

Now a days white pasta is also enriched with iron and vitamin B to make a healthier product but obviously this could not compete with the natural contents of the whole wheat pasta. What comes out to be natural in the whole wheat pasta might not be compensated into the white version alone, and that’s a fact.

Benefits of Whole Wheat on Your Health

Eating whole grain pasta decreases the risk of chronic diseases. It also,

  1. Provides healthier blood pressure levels
  2. Decreases gum disease and helps develop better oral health.
  3. Reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases.
  4. Whole grain pasta includes fiber that controls your appetite and satisfies your stomach.

Getting used to the flavor of the whole wheat pasta might be a little difficult at the beginning but not impossible. Whole wheat pasta might be a little difficult to cook since it might turn out a little gummy if not cooked properly but once you learn the proper technique you won’t go wrong. Even if you go wrong a few times, it’s worth the risk, you learn to cook it properly and you would get a healthier bowl of pasta which is even more nutritious.