Top 7 Health Benefits of Eating “Kishmish”


Raisins or Kishmish are teeny tiny little packets of energy. Usually used to garnish sweet dishes and desserts; however, smart people consume them more often and they have good reasons to do so. Although they seem dry and boring, these minions of food are rich in nutrients and minerals, and benefit our bodies more than we can think.

Here are a few things kishmish can be used for:

1. Helps Cure Anemia

Raisins are rich in vitamin B-complex and iron. These are important in formation and maturation of the red blood cells. It is highly recommended for women and boys undergoing the growth spurt to make raisins a part of their diet.

2. Improved Eyesight

Raisins are rich in polyphenolic phytonutrients. These chemicals help reduce antioxidants that tend to weaken the eyesight. Vitamin A and carotenoids are also found in raisins. They are known to combat color-blindness. So if you or someone close to you has weak eyes, let them know that raisins can help them a great deal!

3. Keeps Cancer at Bay

As mentioned earlier, Polyphenolic phytonutrients are found in raisins. These antioxidants trap the free radicals and kill them; hence preventing cancer. Free radicals are what basically spur the metastasis, which causes abnormal growth of cells.

4. Helps against Constipation

The fiber in raisins is insoluble; it swells in the presence of water. They have a laxative effect and help against constipation.

5. Strong Bones

Micronutrients are the nutrients that are required by the body in a very small amount. One such micronutrient is Boron. Boron is important for the absorption of calcium. A lot of us take adequate milk and calcium products, but they are not properly absorbed; one reason why so many people have low calcium levels. Consuming a bunch of raisins daily with a glass of milk would make it easy for the calcium to get absorbed.

6. Eases Dental Problems

Streptococcus Mutans and Porphyromonas Gingivalis are the two most common bacteria in the oral cavity. They cause dental caries (cavity), swelling and bleeding in the gums. Raisins have anti bacterial properties that help fight against these pathogens.

Raisins also contain a certain amount of calcium that helps strengthen the enamel. When eating raisins, the longer they stick to your teeth, the better, because that ensures extended contact of Oleanolic Acid with the teeth, increasing the preventative powers against bacterial growth. Along with its role in maintaining bone health and osteoporosis treatment, the boron present in raisins keeps in check the growth of oral germs and also promotes strong teeth.

7. In Pregnancy

Raisins’ ability to help with eye sight and bone strength is also important for pregnant women. They help with the baby’s eye sight and make the bones stronger.

Dried grapes have a large amount of glucose content which give a lot of energy. Raisins also help with absorption of vitamins, hence, should be taken by pregnant women regularly. Raisins strengthen the immune system that weakens during pregnancy. Add “Kishmish” to your diet and reap it’s many benefits.