The Problem with TV Dinners


Our daily lives have become tremendously busy and hectic. We seldom find time for ourselves and even for our loved ones. We have a great work load that all we have is lack of time. In the midst of the piles of work that we have to do, we also have to balance out our daily needs. Eating being the prime need of us sometimes seems to be neglected sometimes due to our carelessness and sometimes due to our laziness. Whatever the reason may be, the most important thing, which is our health, must always be looked after no matter how less time we have. Companies, keeping in view the busy scheduled lives of the people, have now introduced the TV dinners. These are actually prepared meals often enclosed in foil or plastics, which when microwaved, instantly provide you with the ready meal.

So all you have to do is to go buy a packaged TV dinner from the shelves, put it in a microwave, warm it for about a minute or two or what the instructions might show and there you go. You instantly have a prepared a meal for yourself and those around you.

The question that arises here are these packaged TV dinners worth the amount you pay for or are they healthy enough to eat? Well, that may vary. Considering the fact that these meals are frozen and often contain high amounts of salt or fat meant for the purpose of preservation, they might not always be the healthiest option available.

The contents of the meal, however, are written on the package but still you have no idea about hygiene of those. Most of these contain high calories, fat and exorbitant amounts of unnecessary salt, which is not good for the heart. The fact that these might not be as healthier as the food that you cook at home remains true to some extent.

Is There a Healthier Option?

Of course there is. Though frozen packaged dinners are usually being unhealthy, there are some in the market that are now marketed as a more healthy option. These dinners include a good portion of vegetables.

Look for the contents of fat, and if it contains saturated fat, avoid at all costs. If you see monounsaturated fat or polyunsaturated fat, pick it up for the convenience. What you should look for more importantly, is if there is a good amount of protein and fiber. Your body will take longer to digest the food if it has fiber, leaving you fuller for more time.

However, it all comes down to: you are what you eat. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Cooking at home for yourselves and the ones around you may be a little time consuming but not that hard. It is just overrated.

Cooking at home provides you various options. You might eat what you like. You can adjust the spices and add in your favorite herbs any time. Moreover, when you cook at home you know what you are cooking and how you are cooking; you can make sure that your cooking environment is hygienic.

While deciding what to cook, always opts for the freshest ingredients. Also try to be innovative and try out something new every time. Open up your grandmother’s recipe book and you might make something that would amaze you too.

Now consider the joy of cooking at home and does not necessarily have to shut down the doors of dining out altogether. You might occasionally dine out, but don’t make it a habit. It is not only heavy on the pocket but it is also far heavier on your weight.

The point here is to eat anything that makes you healthy but not be blind folded either. Make sure that you and your family are always eating healthy.