5 Ways to Start Eating Vegetables


According to nutritionists, Eating Vegetables contain 14 of the 21 vital amino-acids that our body needs. The other seven in meat and other protein based items. Hence, vegetables are an important part of our diet and must never be avoided. Moreover, vegetables contain large amounts of energy along with micronutrients which keep your body fresh.

Vegetables are the healthiest of all foods as they are a great source of minerals and vitamins for our body. They also contain lots of water, calcium and fiber that is necessary for our daily well being.

Vegetables are extremely important and must never be completely omitted from our diet. We often do not eat vegetable because they don’t taste as good as many other foods. It’s a fact that you can’t make your peas taste like your cheese burger but that should not be the reason to not eat them at all.

We have trained our taste buds to enjoy unhealthy and processed foods over time. It is about time we changed things back to the way they were and started incorporating vegetables in our daily diets. If we continue to stay away from vegetables, in a matter of time our bodies will develop severe deficiencies, making us unhealthy. Our problems revolve around the issue that we don’t find innovative ways to make these vegetables an important part of our diets.

Vegetables always go unnoticed most of the time when having meals. Some of us do not incorporate vegetables in our meals on purpose while most of us do not know how to. You would be surprised that you can add veggies to almost anything.

1.    Breakfast and Vegetables

Here we present few ideas of incorporating these healthy treats into your diet which are whooping in nutrition thus making your health the prime objective. It is always great to incorporate vegetables in your breakfast, these provide for the instant energy that you require in the morning thus rejuvenating your body preparing it for the entire day’s work. Mix your eggs with these veggies and voila you have a scrumptious breakfast. Treat yourself by adding that not much liked broccoli to the scrambled eggs next time whenever you make them. You might also mix the cauliflower puree to the eggs. You might also add these vegetables into your favorite bran muffins. You can also add your favorite vegetables into your oatmeal.

2.    Vegetable Drinks and Dessert

Make a healthy pudding or you may also add pumpkin and butternut squash to pancakes and waffles. Add vegetable into the much favorite smoothies of your choice. You might also try out the outstanding flavors of carrot and avocado smoothies.

3.    Add Some Greens to Your Pasta

Add extra vegetables into your pasta or use veggie strips instead of pasta altogether. Adding in some more herbs might also add to your veggie count. Whenever you crave for cheesy pasta, add in a little more vegetables to compensate for the extra fats that are going in.

4.    Potatoes Sidelines

Potatoes are also a great source of nutrition. Casserole can also be added with your favorite vegetables, in order to give your dish an extra flavor along with a nutritious spin too.

5.    Vegetables and Fast-food

Even add vegetables to your burgers and make them a bit more nutritious. Make your sandwiches a little more interesting by adding a few vegetables. Adding vegetables to those sauces and condiments would also do well to the nutritional value of your food. Add in some great dressings to your salads to make them more tasty and appetizing. Similarly add vegetables into your snacks, pizza, soups, stews and even baked items thus making your over all eating habits better.

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