What Lemons can Do for You: Inside and Out


Suffering from high blood pressure? Need to disinfect a wound? Wondering how to lose weight? Want to regain your PH balance? Worried about the scars on your face? You need this one essential ingredient to cater to all of the above; lemon.

Lemons are the most underrated but highly versatile fruits. They belong to the family of berries and are known for their sour taste. For centuries now, the basic use of a lemon has been to enhance the flavor of a dish by making it a little sour or tangy. What everyone fails to notice is that lemon can do a lot more than just enhance the flavor of a dish.

There are literally so many uses of lemon that it would be extremely difficult to list them all down. Lemon is an all-rounder. From its peel to its juice everything can be utilized for one life hack or another. Lemon is known as a bleaching agent. So whether it is a stubborn tan or a blemish, a few drops of lemon juice can do the trick. However, there are some people who are sensitive to lemon and can suffer from a reaction after the application. Just make sure you apply it on a small area first and wait for a while to be sure of how your skin might react to it.

Lemon contains good amount of citric acid. It is therefore used to treat mild cases of acne as well. Also, applying lemon juice with a cotton ball on your face and washing it off after fifteen minutes can give you healthy glowing skin.

Outside our body, lemon is an acidic fruit but when lemon juice enters our body and metabolizes then it changes its state from acidic to alkaline. The key to good health is developing an alkaline body and since lemons are alkaline when ingested; it is extremely beneficial to make them a part of your diet. This will help balance the PH level and not to forget the added advantage of shedding some pounds. Pectin fiber is an element that controls cravings and assist us in fighting them off. It is found in lemons and that too in great quantity. Therefore, a glass of warm water with lemon juice can aid in losing weight.

Lemon flushes out the toxins from our body and improves the digestive system. It also has anti-aging properties and can be used as an antioxidant drink. Our immune system requires a boost which is only possible if we up our intake of Vitamin C. Lemon is high on Vitamin C and Potassium. A daily dose of lemon can lead to controlled blood pressure, less sickness and more energy. Besides the benefits of swallowing or consuming lemon; lemon can also disinfect wounds and stop minor cases of bleeding. Just take a cotton ball, dip it in lemon juice and press it firmly on the wound for at least a minute.

There is nothing a lemon can’t do. It can be used as a natural cough medicine when combined with honey and olive oil. Lemon can be used to treat arthritis because of its diuretic nature which means that it aids the production of urine through which toxins causing inflammation can be flushed out.

The fruits and vegetables you just bought could be carrying bacteria or pesticide not visible to human eye. Use lemon as a natural disinfectant by adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to clean water and spraying it on them.

You’ve been delaying the weekly kitchen cleaning drill and now there is sticky residue and strong odor in every corner. Just squirt little bit of lemon juice on the surface and use a clean mop or cloth to wipe it off. You can also conceal the odor coming from garbage disposals by throwing in a few lemon peels in it.

These are just some of the things a lemon can do. There is so much more that hasn’t been mentioned and even more that hasn’t been discovered. I think it’s high time that you make lemon a priority item on your grocery list.

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