How Much Protein Is Too Much?


Proteins are among the most important nutrient that we require for the normal growth of our body. The importance of protein can be perceived from the fact that protein is the second most abundant type of molecule found in our body just after water. Our hair, skin and various other body organs are made up of proteins. Proteins themselves are actually polymers of amino acids; hence amino acids are the building blocks of the protein. Proteins have quite an importance in our daily life. Our body stores carbohydrates and fat for future but it cannot store protein for the future use. Therefore, protein has to be consumed regularly as our body continuously requires proteins to repair the body tissues and also for the building of our muscles. An average person’s daily protein requirement is about 0.4 grams of this nutrient per pound of his/her body weight. People who work out and exercise often require about a gram per pound of body weight. So far this nutrient has been proved to be a vital nutrient for our body. Various sources of proteins including eggs, cheese, poultry products, nuts and fruits. Taking in this nutrient is important as deficiency of it might cause various complicated ailments and thus might put your body a risk. However, if protein is consumed in high quantities it can also harm your body in various ways.

You’re eating patterns must always be defined by moderation. Excess and deficiencies of certain nutrients are not good for your body. Consuming large amounts of protein increases the amount of urea that your body excretes and since your body cannot store the excess amount of protein it obviously does not use the excess of protein in a good way. This excess might be detrimental for your body. Kidney health might be at risk if this nutrient is consumed in high quantity and you form kidney stone in the worst case scenario.

The risks of consuming very small amount of protein can be no less than those when it is consumed in large quantities. If this nutrient is deficient in your body these might cause various ailments including mental retardation. Considering both the excess and deficiency of proteins it is thus established that proteins must be consumed in moderation.

Daily Guide

The question of how much this nutrient is too much depends upon various factors, for instance your body weight, size, your routine, your daily diet and the amount of time you spend on your workouts.

If you work out a lot then definitely you require a large amount of protein. During exercise you have to constantly repair your muscle tissues and hence who can do the work better than proteins. If your consumption of carbohydrates is less, then you also must increase your consumption of this nutrient but of course not beyond a certain limit. While trying to lose weight you would also require having a little more protein intake. The intake of too much of this nutrient can have various effects on your body such as gain in weight, when protein is consumed in extra amount they’re stored in our body as body fats that causes our weight to gain. Too much protein can be the reason to constipation, diarrhea or excessive gas, it can also cause kidney problems and the increase in liver enzymes.

The exact answer to the question might not be materialized and we might not have a very substantial answer since each one of us has a different body, stature, eating habits and requirements. Thus in order to have a healthy body it is important that you consult your dieticians and then plan your diet accordingly and whatever you eat it must always be in moderation.