Have You Had Your Daily Dose of the Superfood: Beets?


Health come first, so whatever you eat must be healthy and should have a positive effect on your body always. Nature has been very generous, providing us with the most wholesome and healthiest possible food round the year. These gifts of nature keep us going and we often take them for granted too. Naturally grown vegetables are just another miracle of nature. With all the oozing nutrition, these must be grabbed whenever one can.

The talk of the day is beet root (chukandar). These magnificent vegetables have a lot of benefits making your health even more glowing day by day. These simple vegetables are often taken for granted and not eaten at all by most of the people. There are a whole bunch of benefits associated to them. Some of these are just enumerated below. The wonders this little veggie does might want you to grab some for the next meal.

With zero percentage of transfat and saturated fat, these are a big yes for your healthy routine where you are curbing down the calories. These contain 58 calories per cup of serving. Now that’s not a terrible deal, is it? So if you are on a low calorie diet and want some extremely nourishing and fulfilling food, this would be just right for you.

Beet contains natural sugar, so if you are diabetic then you must not exceed the consumption of it. These are a really good source of carbohydrates and instantly provide your body with the boost of energy. Beet root is rich in antioxidants. It gets its pretty purple color from the betalains which are also a sort of antioxidants. Beet root contains betalains more than any other vegetable; betalains are extremely healthy for our body and help fight against cancer or other degenerative diseases. There is no food closer to the color of the blood than the juice of a beet, this is why beets are an exceptionally great food for an overall healthy bloodstream.

Beets nutritional advantages includes the fact that they contain a vitamin A and C, along with whooping amounts of sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. All of these are important for the normal functioning of our body and all of these nutrients make our immune system even more powerful thereby warding off those dangerous germs. Beets also have the ability to produce red blood cells thus making our body all healthy. Fiber is also an important content of beet roots which keeps our digestive system working properly. Beets have a good amount of folate present in them too which helps our body to work properly making our neural tubes all strong and healthy.

Incorporating these purple treats would not only make your dish look pretty but also help your heart to be a bit stronger thus helping you fight against any heart disease.

Superfood Beets Benefits

Antioxidant: The powerful antioxidant pigments betalains are components that only help to boost the immune system, but also acts00 as anti-inflammatory, antifungal and detoxification aids.

Blood Purifier: It cleans the bloodstream and helps the liver do its job more effectively.

Lowers Cholesterol: Beet helps in reducing the bad cholesterol which restricts blood flow and movement around the body.  It is also known to increase HDL (the good cholesterol).  All of these factors help to protect heart disease.

Incorporating beet roots into your diet is entirely a good thing, providing many natural nutrients. You may boil, bake, steam, or even eat them raw. These little treats will not stop to amaze you. Although there is little need to be conscious if you have diabetes, beets do have a natural sweetening factor thus you must not eat them a lot. Other than this, these are really a vegetable worth trying.