Four easy-to-make, sugar-free desserts for Eid


Without desserts, the celebration of Eid remains bland and uneventful. My heart goes out to all those people who can’t have desserts because of some health-related issue or because they suffer from diabetes and the likes.

Therefore, here are four sweet-dish recipes that you can make if you cannot afford to have sugary desserts – and all of them are very easy to make.

Oats and nuts balls


1 cup roasted oats
1 cup dates
2/3 cup almond
2/3 cup coconut powder
2/3 Walnut
(You can add more nuts according to your taste)


a. Combine all the ingredients in the mixture and mix them well.
b. Make balls from the mixture.
c. Refrigerate a few minute until firm and then present them.
(You can coat these balls with coconut too)

Yogurt parfaits


Low fat yogurt or Greek yogurt
Brown sugar or honey (optional)
Nuts (of your choice)


a. In a bowl or glass, spread grind almonds on the surface of the bowl.
b. Add a layer of yogurt.
c. Add cherries, banana, kiwi, strawberry.
d. Make another layer of almonds.
e. Add one more layer of yogurt.
f. Add all the fruits and nuts.
g. Spread some honey or brown sugar on top.



Dry fruits
Honey or Sucral or Brown sugar


a. In a bowl, pour milk and let it boil.
b. When you see bubbles in the milk add carrots (kaducush) and keep cooking it until carrots become little soft.
c. Now add vermicelli (sawaiyan) and cook it for some it until the vermicelli becomes soft.
d. Add brown sugar/honey/sucral according to your taste and cook it for some time until it becomes thick.
e. Keep it in refrigerator and decorate it with nuts.

Banana pancake


2 bananas
1 egg
Nuts (powdered form)
Peanut butter


a. In a bowl, cut bananas in small pieces and add the egg and peanut butter in them.
b. Mix them well until it turns into smooth mixture.
c. Now add nuts (either cut in very small pieces or in powdered form)
d. After the mixture is ready, put non-stick pan on a stove and add half tea spoon oil.
e. Add this mixture in a pan in the form of pan cake.
f. Cook each side for about 30 seconds

These sugar-free dessert recipes are very easy to make and will bring a smile to those people who would otherwise be deprived of desserts on Eid.

Eid Mubarak Everyone!