Food Safety: Making Hygene Your #1 Priority


In today’s fast-paced world where we are pressed for time and looking to safeguard our health too, eating out has become an everyday thing. With a cornucopia of delightful eateries spread all across, everyone looks forward to the experience of dining out. However, every time we are sitting in a restaurant regardless of how fine a place it is, there lurks a doubt in the back of our mind which is: “is this food hygienic?”

It goes without saying that no one can match the food safety and hygiene that we find in our homes. The reason behind this confidence in homemade food is because it is prepared under our own watchful eyes with the cleanest and healthiest of ingredients. This is not to say that we are being served substandard at every dine-out and takeaway establishment but who is to say whether they follow the same food safety and hygiene safety we do in our own kitchens?

The biggest cause of concern while eating out is if whether quality oil is used to cook the food and if the food was cooked through properly to avoid likelihood of rawness. Not only do these issues raise a flag, but on top of everyone’s list of food safety and hygiene checks is whether the ingredients were washed properly before cooking and were the preparers’ hands clean. All of these are basic cooking protocols that we all follow in our homes but when eating out we can only hope that the restaurant followed the same.

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Food safety and hygiene are critical to our health. From the process of purchasing, preparing, and cooking food or even dining out, eating right begins with eating safe. Restaurants, cafes and takeaway food outlets have a responsibility to serve food that is safe to eat. And as customers it is our right to make sure that our loved ones eat right and stay healthy.