Eating Disorders: Ways to Ensure Your Child is Eating Right


Kids these days are considered to be the first generation to be less healthy than their own parents. This is due to the change in mindset of kids, especially adolescents who are more concerned about their physical appearance. This is usually due to puberty or peer pressure of fitting in socially.

Eating disorders can become a serious risk for your children. Parents however, have more power to help them control this than they think. The earlier the intervention , the more easier it is to deal with. There are two major Eating Right disorders that can be found in kids: anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. Both of these can occur in succession and cause dramatic weight fluctuations, interfering with their normal life routine and affecting their health permanently.

The word anorexic became very famous with teenage girls of this generation as dieting became their top priority. People who suffer from anorexia have a critical fear of gaining weight. As a result, they aim to do anything that can help them maintain a low body weight. They restrict themselves to either dieting or not eating at all. They obsess over food intake and have crumbs instead of meals. On the other hand, Bulimia is the opposite of anorexia and involves an overindulgence of food.

So, how do you help your child to identify that they are suffering from an eating disorder? Since they are well acquainted to online websites, take them through different eating disorder tests and quizzes. This would help them see for themselves and accept that they might have a problem.

Here are some ways you can help your child control their Eating Right disorders or even prevent them in the first place.

Love Your Body

This is easier said than done. All you have to do is simply accept the way you are. Help your child forget what society believes to be perfect and preach them to love their body no matter how it might be

Eat Healthy

If you eat healthy and make this a habit in your lifestyle your child will automatically follow and take it up. The more you ltry to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle, your kid will want to too.

Say No to Diets

Mothers out there, pay heed! Do not use the word “diet”. Just simply learn to eat healthy and know what you eat is what you become. Yield your child towards making them believe that they are full so that they don’t eat more than they should. For those that don’t eat, teach them the question have you had enough to eat?

Don’t Comment on Your Child’s Weight

Commenting on your child’s weight can make them conscious about their weight or cause them to become desensitized to their problem. Silently, take action and put the whole family on a health program where you cut on fat and sugar.

Sports Time

Get your child into sports. The more they will be involved in outdoor activities, the more they will find themselves to be fit.

Go Green

Make sure they love their vegetables as much as they love their treats. Make them familiar to a new vegetable served in a new way which will intrigue them to have a taste and then a habit to eat.

If you still believe you child is not able to benefit from the efforts you have tried, then consult professional help. This is a matter that should not be overlooked by any parent regardless of what the child thinks and believes. You as a parent are there to guide them, for better or for worse.

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