Break Your Fast Nutritiously This Ramadan


With Ramadan around the corner in the midst of the hot weather season, it is time for Muslims around the globe to prepare themselves for this holy month. Where some prepare how they will finish the Holy Quran within the month’s span, others make preparations as to how they will either keep themselves fit or lose weight during Ramadan. This month brings with itself a lot of excitement as well as pressure for Muslims all over the world. And we bring you ingredients that can help you break your fast nutritiously.

In Pakistan, it becomes a mayhem as days are closing in on the first fast of Ramadan. The mothers of all households bring out their recipe books, as they attempt to come up with something new and innovative for every Iftar. I think it comes naturally to a person during Ramadan that we get picky about our food. And, I guess the weather these days here is just an add-on to our whys.

It becomes really hard to control to decide on what to eat and what not to, when your stomach grumbles with hunger. This is why it is not as easy as one thinks to lose weight during Ramadan, because our conscious for appetite takes over our sense of eating healthy. At the time of iftar, all we want is a FEAST!

So, for those who find this difficult to control, we have gathered the top nutritious foods you can break your fast with during this Ramadan:


Because Prophet Muhammad S.A.W (PBUH) used to eat dates to break his fast, Muslims often eat them to break their fast as well. These tiny fruits are packed with good nutrition, which make them ideal as a fast opener. Dates balance the blood sugar levels and contain beneficial minerals and fiber.  You can eat them fresh, dried or stuffed with nuts. In many countries, especially Pakistan, it is traditional to break your fast with a date.


Considering how the weather looks all over the world for Muslims, water is the key here to unlocking your fast. When your fast is about to reach an end, would you choose a plate to satisfy your hunger or a big glass of chilled water to quench your thirst? If you have fasted before, then you would know it’s obviously going to be the glass of water.  You are dehydrated throughout the whole day, so while you have to rehydrate yourself as its important, it’s also beneficial because it will also fill your empty tummy up which helps you to eat less, meaning you will be able to lose weight during Ramadan!


Fruits! We all know that each and every fruit is loaded with nutrients and minerals, so what better way than to open your fast with? It is really popular in South Asia to have ‘fruit chaat’ at every iftar table. Fruits can be consumed as a fruit salad or as wholesome itself. This has to be a good nutritious kick to opening your fast this Ramadan, especially in Pakistan with the amount of fruits that are available in this summer season.


Coming back to hydrating yourself and satisfying your hunger with something, fresh juices are a great nutritious way to open your breakfast. Not only will they revive your whole body system, they will give you a refreshing feeling which you need after you have fasted. Lassi or any seasonal fresh juices/smoothies are what can be found at every household table in Pakistan when it comes to beverages during Ramadan. A date shake is very tasty!


This is truly a fresh and nutritious option you can choose this Ramadan to open your fast with. In Pakistan, you can get fresh yogurt from local Milk shops to packed yogurts from the supermarket. Either way, this will help your body that is striving for live enzymes and good bacteria in your system.