Athletes alert: The hazards of having too many protein bars


Athletes who work out on a regular basis require a bit of more energy than normal people do, who merely move a leg and then instantly get tired. Athletes have to practice and build up their stamina, pushing their limits every now and then in order to improve their physical stamina.

Therefore, they need food that can rejuvenate them and enable them to keep going through the rigorous training. Moreover, athletes need an extra amount of food since they have to do a lot of exertion, thus in order to provide for the energy spent and then keep the athletes going for the other tasks.

Many athletes, in addition to their special diets, also depend a lot on proteins bars. Obviously when you keep running an entire day, working out your nerves, you wouldn’t be ready to spend another hour or so in front of the stove to cook the food. Grabbing that ready to eat protein bar seems a better and easier option. These protein bars are whooping in nutrition and thus provide an instant boost of energy to the athletes; thus it is a staple of almost all the athletes out there. You would seldom find an athlete who had never had a protein bar.

Protein bars contain high contents of proteins, since proteins are essential for muscles repair and also help in building muscles; therefore, protein bars are very common among athletes. Protein bars have as many nutrients as a chicken breast would have. The major ingredients of these protein bars are soy or whey protein. These two ingredients help athletes to gain lean body mass. These protein bars contain high amount of calories too. So the greater amount of proteins you take-in, the higher levels of calories you’ll add to your weight. So if an athlete does not take care while munching on those protein bars, he might gain weight and become weak.

Not all athletes require the protein bars. So if you work out only half an hour a day without any serious exertion and then treat yourself with a protein bar then you might be doing it wrong. At the first place, with such little workout, you do not lose that much energy which would require the need to have a protein bar. Even your normal meal would compensate for the lost energy instantly. If with such little workout you are munching on protein bars heartily then you might be putting on more weight than you are actually losing.

If you are an athlete and you workout daily then make sure that you opt for the right kind of protein bar – one which suits you the most. Various types of protein bars are available in the market; namely high protein bars, low carb protein bars, meal replacement, energy protein bars and women’s protein bars too. All you have to keep in mind is that the protein bars also contain fats, carbohydrates and sugar, so while you consume them it’s not just protein that is going in your body.