9 benefits of strawberry you didn’t know about


If sweet juicy pulp of strawberry is not enough for you to make it your favorite, then its health and skin benefits should.

It is not only summery and delicious, it’s a bona fide super food, full of nutrients and packed with antioxidants to which it owes its health benefits.


Strawberries are rich in vitamin C. Most mammals can make their own vitamin C in their bodies, except humans. Therefore, they need to utilize external sources of vitamin C to meet the daily requirement. One cup of strawberry serving fulfills the requirement for the day.

Vitamin C content of strawberry makes it a great immunity booster. Immune system is the body’s mechanism to keep away disease by fighting off pathogens from the external environment; the stronger the system, the greater the immunity.


Once strawberries reach the blood circulation, their anti oxidant power gets into action and ready to work. They neutralize harmful oxygen species known as free radicals that can react with other chemicals in body and can cause various inflammatory diseases and cancers. So strawberries can help prevent different kinds of cancer and eliminate toxins out of the system.


Vitamin C content of strawberries works great for skin too. Vitamin C plays an important role in synthesis of collage which is the main structural component of the skin. It helps rebuild damaged skin, keeps it healthy and wrinkle and fine lines free. Collagen gives skin elasticity and resilience. As found by researchers at Hallym University in the republic of Korea, another component found in strawberries called ellagic acid also helps in prevention of strawberry. It visibly prevents destruction of collagen and halts inflammatory processes.


Strawberries prove to be great heart health boosters too. They contain ellagic acid and flavanoid both of which have an anti oxidant effect on the heart. They counteract the effect of bad fats called low density lipoproteins in the body which are responsible for build up plaque and blockage of the arteries. Inflammation has an important role to play in build of plaque, which is counteracted by anti oxidants in strawberries.


The same antioxidants also help reduce inflammatory disease of the joints such as rheumatoid arthritis which can often lead to heart disease. A study conducted by Harvard School of Public health proved that women who ate 16 strawberries per week had 14% lesser chances of having elevated C-reactive protein which is an indicator of inflammation in the body.


Strawberries are also rich in minerals. One of these important minerals is potassium. It helps regulate blood pressure and counter balances effect of sodium which is responsible for increasing blood pressure. Putting together fat reducing, anti inflammatory and blood pressure regulatory effects of strawberries make it one of the most heart healthy fruits.


Strawberries are also great for digestive system. Strawberries naturally contain 2 gram of fiber per serving. Lack of fiber in diet can lead to a bunch of common digestion problems which can easily be treated but can be stressful if not resolved. These problems include constipation, straining, diverticulitis and piles. Strawberries can also be enjoyed by diabetics as fiber help slow the absorption of glucose in blood. However, it should still be taken in moderation.


Fruits can also help in weight loss program. Maintaining healthy weight keeps a lot of diseases at bay including heart disease and diabetes.  Straw berries are low calorie, fat free fruit low in sodium and sugar. A triple serving (1.5 cups) of strawberries can make a filling snack in less than 100 calories.


Fruits are recommended by doctors for pregnant females. Strawberries provide folic acid 21 mcg per serving. Folic acid is crucial for brain, spinal cord, skull and vertebrae development of fetus.  Females are required to start taking folic acid even before they conceive. Folic acid deficiency can cause irreversible birth defect such as spina bifida which if severe enough can take the life of the baby.


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