8 superfoods that should be part of your daily diet


According to the Oxford Dictionary, superfoods are described as “the nutrient-rich foods considered essentially beneficial for health and well-being.”

The term ‘superfoods’ is merely a marketing term and, in simpler words, are described as those foods which have a positive impact on the health and lifestyle of individuals.

The following foods make up the list for superfoods:


Tomatoes are a basic staple in every house all over the world. When it comes to nutrition, it is packed with benefits.

Nutritional and health benefits

– They have high lycopene content. Lycopene acts an antioxidant (meaning they act on free radicals that are damaging to the cells of the body). Lycopene also prevents heart diseases and several types of cancers (breast, prostrate, lung).

–  It is a high source of Vitamin C, Potassium and fibre.


Oats can be included in your daily breakfast. They are high in fibre and proteins.

Nutritional and health benefits

– They contain high sources of magnesium which can assist in reducing blood sugar levels.

– Copper and Zinc are also found in oats which help in cell regeneration.

– Potassium lowers the blood pressure.

– Studies have shown that eating oats can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.


Apples are consumed at a fairly high rate all over globe. The cliché of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a proven one as it is really beneficial for the body’s metabolism.

Nutritional and health benefits

– It can help prevent heart and lung diseases along with type-2 diabetes.

– It contains polyphenols which keep the digestive system healthy and active.

– They are rich in flavonoids which are good for skin and prevent heart diseases.


Other than the fact it adds good taste to your food, onions are very powerful superfoods.

Nutritional and health benefits

– They protect from cancers, strengthen immune system, lower blood pressure.

– Rich in selenium, they regulate inflammation and decrease Rheumatoid Arthritis.

– They help to prevent skin cancers.


This fruit from heaven is rich in many minerals and vitamins, and have a positive impact on metabolism.

Nutritional and health benefits

– Inhibits abnormal platelet aggregation (abnormal blood clots).

– Lowers bad cholesterol levels.

– Helps to reduce osteoporosis (osteoporosis is the disease in which bone becomes weak and there is increased chances of deformation).

– It has vitamin B6, which is important for proper regulation of immune system, digestive system and cardiovascular (blood) system.


Not only does it add a buzz of flavour to the curry, it is also very healthy.

Nutritional and health benefits

– Acts as the main powerhouse of the body.

– It has anti cancerous and anti bacterial activity.

– Helps in detoxification of heavy metals in the body.

– Lowers cholesterol levels.

– Helps reduce blood pressure.


It has a wonderful and pleasing flavour, and it is also enlisted as one of the most powerful spices.

Nutritional and health benefits

– It has anti-inflammatory effects.

– Has many minerals that are essential to the body, including manganese, fibre and calcium.


Honey has immense nutritional benefits. It is used as a healthier substitute for sugar.

Nutritional and health benefits

– It fights against bacteria and fungi.

– It helps to reduce constipation.

– It helps to maintain blood sugars.

– It is helpful against skin diseases like acne, eczema and the likes.

– It has polyphenolic activity (which helps in maintaining proper digestive system activity).

So here are your eight superfoods. Make sure that these foods are part of your daily diet, as they will keep you healthy and rejuvenated.