8 reasons why you need orange in your diet


People often ask if orange color is called orange because of the fruit or is it the other way round. The truth is that no one is sure. Orange is a seasonal fruit in Pakistan and is not available throughout the year like other countries.

Orange is popular for its raw juicy pulp, sweet and tangy flavor and also for its goodness of vitamin C. It is loaded with health and beauty benefits so Pakistanis make the most of it while the season lasts.


Being an excellent source of vitamin C, orange saves the body’s internal environment from damage by free radicals (harmful oxygen species). This reduces inflammation and can help with a lot of infections and inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Vitamin C also helps strengthen immune response in the body. Although not established, vitamin C might help keep cold and flu at bay as it helps boost immune system.


The same anti inflammatory property of oranges helps prevent heart disease. Oxidation of cholesterol lead by free radicals leads to tiny bits of cholesterol getting stuck to the walls of your blood vessels. This leads to plaque formation in the arteries which leads to blockage in blood flow and deprives tissues of oxygen. It can cause heart attack, coronary artery blockage and stroke. Vitamin C prevents this by eliminating free radicals. Other than vitamin C, hepsedrine present in the inner skin of orange lowers cholesterol level, preventing heart disease in a different way.


The reason oranges are so popular in makeup industry is also its vitamin C content. Orange extracts re used in masks, face packs and creams. This is once again because of anti inflammatory property of oranges that help prevent acne, black heads and keeps pores clean. Vitamin C is plays key role in synthesis of collagen (glycoprotein that skin is essentially made of) therefore, it helps rejuvenate skin. This property also helps with premature aging of skin which represents as wrinkles, fine lines and dryness.


Other than vitamin C, oranges are also packed with vitamin A. This vitamin keeps mucus membranes- that cover various parts of the body such as eyes, oral cavity, and skin- healthy. Vitamin A protects against macular degeneration which is a vision related disease and can lead to blindness especially in children who are vitamin A deficient. Vitamin A helps eyes with absorbing light without which it is not possible to see.


Doctors recommend pregnant females to have lots of fruit. Oranges are recommended as they help in brain development of the baby. Orange contains folic acid which is crucial for brain formation in utero. Females deficient in folic acid give birth to babies with birth defects such as spina bifida and under development of brain. Oranges also enclose phytonutrients called polyphenols that take part in development of intellect and memory function of the brain.


Oranges have cancer preventing effects which are by virtue of limonene D also found in oranges. It is known to prevent different types of cancers including lung, breast and skin cancer. Anti oxidant effect of vitamin C also prevents fighting cancer cells. Often cancer is caused by mutations in DNA which can be prevented by intake of orange.


The inner peel of orange is a great source of soluble and insoluble fiber. It increases the bulk of stool and helps in constipation and straining as transit time is reduced. It also helps in irritable bowel syndrome.


Rich fiber content of orange is also useful for diabetics. Since they cannot eat sugary sweets, they can eat moderate amount of oranges to tingle their taste buds. Not only that, fiber content helps regulate amount of sugar.

Eating two oranges a day will not only keep you full, your taste buds happy but also meet your daily requirement of vitamin C.