6 mistakes you might be making in controlling your weight


A new survey based research has found dietary patterns, which can make it difficult in controlling your weight.

In a recent investigation, scientists have made a breakthrough in finding mistakes people had been making in their weight control goal. They believe these mistakes are carried out time after time, resulting into a pattern.

Milk based diet

The investigation reports that people normally skip a their day meal, but gulp in three to four cups of coffee or tea during their work hours, not realizing that the milk based drink is a part of their meal.

The report suggests that a cup of coffee, in reality, is almost equal to a slice of toast. People who are substituting milk based drinks for meals are actually taking in more calories than they realize. They might also be losing the nutrition of a balanced diet.

Dietitians advise such people to limit the extra calories by swapping milk tea with black coffee and plain tea, and consume a balanced diet.

Not prioritizing lunch

The research further states that people normally tend to skip a proper lunch meal or the 1 o‘clock meal. On the other hand, individuals who do eat lunch either consume it in front of their office computers or take the meal depending on their free time slots, breaking a weekly lunch pattern.

It states that it is important to prioritize lunch because its rejection leads to one feeling much hungrier later in the day and making him/her overeat.

Although an individual’s overall food consumption may be low during the day, the pattern would result into weight gain in the long run because he/she tends to consume more at one time.

The research states that a long period of time in between meals results in sugar cravings due to fluctuating levels of glucose in blood.

Researchers suggest that one must try to get a small but nutritious meal for lunch at around 1 o’clock, which, although may not seem to help directly in weight control, it controls the desire for food and sugar consumption later in the day.

Not saying ‘no thank you’

During the research, a survey concluded that people, ends up with many extra calories because they don’t say no to the slice of cake, donuts or muffins offered by his/her colleague or friend.

Researchers state that one does not necessarily remember this act of his and many would be in complete denial at the point, but this is a situation which usually creeps up with time – causing people to lose their grip from controlling their weight.

They recommend that, in case one wants to lose weight, he/she needs to start calculating what is going into his mouth – keeping a track of everything being consumed – and for sure it would be a surprise to know how much extra one is gulping.

Treating yourself after dinner

Researchers further go on to study the problem of people trying to reward themselves at night – although they may consume a balanced diet, go to the gym and have a low-carb dinner throughout the day.

Researchers have come up with two options to control eating at night. One is to completely stop eating after dinner, and second is to limit oneself to 420 calories of snacks.

The snacks include healthy fruits, nuts or yoghurt.

It has been observed that people consume blocks of calories at night, not just because they feel hungry but because they are bored. It is best to keep the kitchens empty from the blocks of junk food, chocolates and ice creams.

Eating too healthy

The study suggests that it is possible that one may be consuming too much of even the healthiest of the foods – salmon, olive oil or nuts.

Although, these are rich in nutrients, it is a possibility to overdo these healthiest of foods. A recommended diet per day for nuts is just a handful, though people usually end up consuming much more than the desired amount in a single sitting.

Ignoring the importance of vegetables

Researchers suggest that eating vegetables is the simplest way of controlling weight as vegetables have fewer calories, and include many nutrients.

They state that people have virtually forgotten to consume vegetables in their exact raw form. Vegetables can be eaten with breakfast in eggs, or lunch. Dinner is the best time to eat vegetables. This will help a person’s health in the long run.