5 Foods to Ease an Upset Stomach


One of the most frequent pains that can make anyone’s day uncomfortable is to have an upset stomach. This is not at all fun; you can’t sleep, can’t focus and of course, cannot eat. Whatever it is, Gas, bloat, diarrhea or an achy tummy, as with other ailments, indigestion and a hurting stomach can be cured more quickly by eating certain foods that contain specific chemicals targeting your stomach area. Go through this list and hopefully you’ll benefit the next time an upset stomach bothers you.

1. Papaya Power

Papaya Power

One such food, papaya, can relieve stomach pain, because it contains papain, which is an enzyme involved in the digestive system that will help break down foods that irritate the stomach. However, when eating this fruit make sure it is fresh and you do not eat any parts that may be rotten, as this will only make your situation worse.

2. Roll in Rice

Roll in Rice

Rice also has a very soothing effect on the gut as the starch in the grains lines the stomach walls and so protects it from irritating foods. Other than rice, starchy foods like potatoes and oats also have a similar effect. These carbohydrates also do not stay for long in your stomach, which would exacerbate and stomach pains. Make some Khichri or Daliya, these go light on the tummy.

3. A Toast to a Toast

A Toast to a Toast

Plain, dry toast (or even salty crackers) also bind and soothe the stomach, as they do not stay for long – unlike proteins, which would make your belly more uncomfortable – rather these foods get flushed out after a short period of time. Toast, though bland, does not cause an acid reflux, as many other foods do, which would increase discomfort. The carbohydrates will also break down to give your body quick energy, which will be useful for a speedy recovery.

4. Sip Some Soup

Sip Some Soup

Soup is also easily digested, and the salt and water keeps you hydrated which is essential in restoring your health. Broth (yakhni in Urdu) has the same soothing and hydrating effects. Neither of these warm liquids make you feel nauseous or have an acid reflux reaction. Yakhni is also rich nutritionally, and this helps your body regain some strength it may have lost, which will help it recover more quickly.

5. Coco Cure

Coco Cure

Coconut water also is famous for its myriad health benefits, including its comforting effect on an upset stomach. This beverage hydrates as well as provides calories through sugars – replenishing the supplies that have diminished through vomiting and diarrhea. The water also contains minerals such as potassium, as well as vitamin C which help speed up recovery. Coconut water also does not contain any of the artificial food colors that many other fruit juices do which make them less good for your health. The sugars are also all natural ones.

The next time that your stomach is causing you discomfort or pain, remember to stick to these foods rather than those heavy foods such as Nihari and Paya (those laden with oil or ones that contain large amounts of protein). Also keep in mind that you should first try having these foods in low quantities, as your stomach may not be stable enough to digest them properly and you may end up vomiting them out. When you are able though, these food options will help your uncomfortable stomach recover faster.

Feeling any better now?!

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