15 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water


You must have heard a lot about lemon and weight loss. But did you know that there are several other benefits of drinking lemon besides weight loss? You’re surely going to add lemon water to your daily morning routine after reading this!

There are plenty of benefits to squeeze a fresh lemon to make a refreshing morning drink. Some might surprise you. Check it out!

1. Lemon Detox

Lemon detox water helps flush out toxins from our body. The citric acid present in lemons help flush toxins from the liver, colon and gallbladder. Drink lemon water mixed with a teaspoon of honey, the first thing in the morning, for a refreshing lemon cleanse.

2. Relieves Joint Pain

The vitamin C in lemon water helps dissolve uric acid, hence, reduces inflammation in achy knees. This super drink can help reduce pain and bring relief to arthritis patients.

3. Fights Infection

Lemon water helps boost body’s immune system, and is one of the effective ways to fight viral infections, while keeping your immune system running.

15 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water- lemon water benefits

4. Keeps Body Hydrated

Drinking lemon water can help you stay hydrated. The citric acid in lemon helps enhance mineral absorption. Minerals are an essential to keep our organs running. Add a few slices of lemon in a glass of water and replenish the lost minerals and vitamins while staying hydrated.

5. Lemon and Weight Loss

Drinking 8 glasses of water every day actually helps boost your metabolism. However, adding lemon to the water will add some perks to it. Lemons contain pectin, which helps suppress appetite and kick away the hunger pangs. By drinking lemon water, you will feel full for longer, avoid mindless eating and keep the unwanted pounds off.

6. Improves Vision

Lemon water has a positive effect on your eyesight. It helps improve your vision and prevent eye related problems, such as cataract and macular degeneration.

benefits of drinking lemon water

7. Freshen Your Breath

Drink lemon water to keep your breath smelling fresh. Lemons are known to relieve toothaches and gum diseases. But, remember, too much citric acid can erode tooth enamel.

8. Clears Skin

The antioxidant properties of lemon may help reduce wrinkles and prevent signs of aging. It also makes your skin fresh and glow from within. Drinking lemon water is also known to kill the bacteria that cause acne.

9. Eases a Sore Throat

As lemons have antibacterial properties, drinking lemon water can help prevent sore throats and other throat related problems. Lemon helps dissolve mucus and protects the airway. Mix lemon with warm water and honey. It also soothes irritation caused by cough.

lemon juice benefits

10. Keeps Heart Healthy

Lemon also helps prevent ailments related to the heart, such as irregular heart-beat, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Drink lemon water regularly to keep your blood pressure normal.

11. Prevents UTI

If you are suffering from a UTI, drink lots of lemon water to flush out toxins and boost the healing process. Lemon water helps cleanse the urinary tract and encourages a healthy production of urine. Lemon has antiseptic properties and it also helps keep away the bad bacteria.

12. Prevents Constipation

Lemon water helps treat and prevent constipation because of the cleansing properties it has. The water helps lubricate the digestive system, while lemon improves bowel movement, flushing out undigested waste.

benefits of drinking lemon water in morning

13. Keeps Cancer at Bay

Pectin present in lemon helps protect the intestines from cancer. Lemon water has anti-carcinogenic properties that remain in the body far longer than most other natural anti-cancer compounds. Two tablespoon lemon juice with honey in 8 oz. of warm water is good for killing cancer cells.

14. Balances Your pH Level

Since lemons are acidic in nature, they help alkalize foods for the body. Drinking lemon water on a regular basis helps reduce acidity in the body. When your body has too much acidity, it becomes weak and more prone to illness and diseases.

15. Boosts Potassium

Along with vitamin C, lemons are also high in potassium. A lemon has 80 milligrams of potassium, which enhances muscle and nerve function, and is also good for your heart.

Looking to add lemon into your diet?

• Squeeze lemon on meat, salad or seafood dishes to add a sparkling flavor.
• Add lemon zest in drinks or desserts.
• You can use lemon as a base for cakes, cookies and other desserts.
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