12 Powerful Reasons to Eat Bananas Now!


If you think bananas are for monkeys, you’re wrong. Once you are aware of all the health benefits of bananas, trust me, you will not look at them the same way. Their benefits are wide, they can help combat depression, helps you get rid of morning sickness, makes you sharper and smarter. Keep scrolling to get these many reasons to eat bananas now!

1. Maintain Digestion

Bananas are crammed with nutrients. Of these, the most important content for digestion is potassium. Our digestive tract carries out smooth movements. These movements are highly dependant on the musculature and muscle function. When involuntary movement of the muscles occur, a wave like pattern called peristalsis is produced which moves the food forward and also processes it. Potassium is important for this peristalsis movement.

An adult requirement of potassium is about 4700 milligrams per day. Do you know how much a banana contains? 500 milligrams! Just a few bananas per day and your digestion is good to go!

2. Help Combat Depression

Bananas are a good source of tryptophan. It is the same compound found in turkey meat that is responsible for calm and soothing mood of a person. Tryptophan combined with vitamin B6 does wonders. How so? Coupled with vitamin B, the tryptophan is converted to serotonin, the so called “happy hormone”. It is a natural mood elevator!

3. Increase Brainpower

The potassium found in bananas is not just beneficial for the digestive tract, but its benefits expand beyond that. Potassium is a mineral required by the heart, kidneys and the brain. Eating bananas in breakfast help increase energy levels and concentration throughout the day. This potassium-packed fruit also helps with learning, alertness and concentration.

4. Control High Blood Pressure

Once again, the potassium in the bananas is the hero. A diet rich in potassium has proven essential for lowering blood pressure. It brings about this effect by decreasing the effects of sodium.

5. Help Soothe the Central Nervous System

Did you know that athletes usually eat bananas after a game? It’s because the potassium in them helps the body stay hydrated. Not only that, but bananas also contain magnesium, vitamin B6 and other minerals that help with digestion and promote feelings of calm and soothing. It also helps with better sleeping patterns, regulates mood and alleviates stress.

6. Relieve Bug Bite Itching

Got a hive or a bug bite and it’s really itchy? Just rub the inside of a banana peel over it. It’ll provide relief!

7. Bananas and Anemia

Anemia is the deficiency of hemoglobin. It’s not uncommon to see anemic people normally in Pakistan. Did you know that bananas also help with that? The iron in hemoglobin helps make anemia better.

8. Help Soothe Ulcers

Ulcers make it difficult to be able to eat anything without cringing. Bananas as soft and soothing they are to eat, also prove to be a great food for those with experiencing ulcers. They are, in fact, the only raw food that coat the acids of ulcers and coats the stomach lining.

9. Cool it with Bananas

Many cultures have shown that bananas are in fact cooling. Once you eat them, you will feel cooled both emotionally and physically.

10. Remove Warts with Bananas

Got an annoying wart? Just press a banana peel on a wart and wrap a band-aid around for wart removal.

11. Keep Your Blood Sugar at Level

We usually snack between meals with unnecessary calories like packet chips, etc. and bulk up pounds. A better option would be to eat bananas when craving snacks. They not only keep the blood sugar at optimum level, but also help alleviate morning sickness.

12. Bananas for Quitting Smoking

On the road to quitting cigarette smoking? The vitamin B6, B12 and magnesium in bananas are your helpers.

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