“Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”


Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be wearing a $25,000 mouth-piece for the most anticipated fight of the year, arguably in boxing history. Talking about putting money where your mouth is, he faces boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao on May, 2nd. The duel is being called as the “fight of the century”.

Floyd Mayweather nicknamed as the “money” is yet to lose a professional fight in his career.He has fought 47 times in the ring winning all of his duels in the process. He has knocked out 27 of his opponents in the 47 wins. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is 38 now and will be looking toknockout Pacquiao to keep his illustrious streak going.

Manny Pacquiao,  the  current  WBO Welterweight  Champion  has  fought  64  times  in  the squared-circle, has won 57 (38 KO;s, 19 decisions). He ranks on the third spot in The Ringpound-to-pound fighters list.

Pacquiao nicknamed the “Pac-Man” will be looking to break the illustrious streak of Floyd Mayweather when they meet at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For boxing fans it’ll  surely be a fight to remember. The prize money of this fight is a staggering £122m. Let;s hope it lives to the hype of being the fight of the century.