Over two thirds of smartphone owners are music streamers


According to new Parks Associates research, when it comes to digital relaxation, music streamers via a smartphone tops all other entertainment uses.

In the US, where the research was conducted, 68% of smartphone owners now listen to music everyday via a streaming service. In term of numbers, watching short video clips (71%) is more popular, but at an average of 45 minutes a day, no other smartphone-based H entertainment takes up as much time.

Other trends to emerge from the report show that those who enjoy gaming tend to play via a handset for 28 minutes a day and that 40% of smartphone owners said that they watch long videos, such as a full TV show or even a movie once a day.

As for the most popular music streaming services, Parks Associates claims that they’re currently Amazon and Pandora.

Amazon Prime Music is the most popular paid music subscription service among US broadband households, thanks to its inclusion in Amazon Prime, but the streaming music war has intensified,” said Harry Wang, Director of Health & Mobile Product Research at Parks Associates. “Consumers are getting more music options as the competition for users escalates.”

Source: AFP Relaxnews