The Bombay blood group: New blood type discovered


Health experts in Sindh have demanded to include a section for blood group in the nikahnama, so that rare blood types can be identified and their data is collected easily.

This demand came after a new type of blood group, known as the Bombay blood group, was discovered in a few people from the region. This rare blood belongs to the HH group that does not express the H antigen. As a result, the red blood cells of this group cannot form a antigens or B antigens; therefore, this blood can be donated to anybody from the ABO grouping.

The bad news for the HH group people is that they can only receive blood from their own blood type. Because of this, a lot of patients are suffering as there are very few donors in the country for the Bombay blood group and no other blood type can be used for these people.

Dr. Awab Alvi, a blogger, has started a campaign to find the people with this rare blood group and ail the patients.

Unfortunately 90 percent of the population of Pakistan is not aware of their own blood group as there is no concept of volunteering for donation of blood. The section on the nikahnama would guarantee that people know their blood group, health experts suggest.

Dr Sarfraz of the Hussaini Blood Bank has stated that around 17 to 18 people have been identified with the Bombay blood group so far – out of which four belong to the Parsi community.