Thar Doctors’ monthly allowances to be increased


Doctors posted in Tharparker will now receive a monthly allowance of Rs.10, 000, while female doctors will receive an additional Rs.10, 000 along with their monthly allowance. In a meeting convened in Mithi, Provincial Secretary of Health, Iqbal Durrani, disclosed details of this recent decision to the journalists present at the venue.

The current situation in Tharparker is deplorable, and to prevent a similar predicament from befalling the region it is imperative for the government to formulate effective strategies for the future, he said. According to Durrani, the government has plans to bring about significant improvements in the human resource management, infrastructure, and monitoring system of the health facilities present in the area.

In addition to all of these changes, the number of doctors posted to Mithi Hospital and the number of beds available have both been increased to a total of 150 each. The wards for children and female patients have also been refurbished according to hospital requirements.

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