Technological Inventions For Disabled People


Technology is highly desired by almost everyone today and the community of disabled people is not an exception to this rule. Fortunately, they are receiving a lot of help from innovative manufacturers who have developed technological inventions for the disabled. By utilizing these inventions, the disabled can lead a better than normal life and consider themselves an equal to everyone.

Eye Play The Piano

People who may be without hands will consider playing the piano impossible. Innovators have therefore invented the eye-tracking device which can be mounted on the head of the individual. It allows them to select keys to play the piano by using their eyesight, movements of the head and blinks of the eye. This is a device, which has provided happiness to numerous people.

People With Parkinson’s Disease Can Use The LiftWare Base Stabilizer Spoon

According to reports published by the Associated Press, Google recently acquired this device to help people dealing with essential tremors, also identified as Parkinson’s disease. This device helps patients feed themselves without help from others.

The ‘Look at Me’ App Is Helping Children With Autism Make Eye Contact

Many people struggle with autism and have difficulties in maintaining eye contact, making it hard for people around them to read their emotions. The ‘Look at Me App has been developed by Samsung as an interactive camera app, which helps children make eye contact with parents or their guardians with the help of the smartphone camera. The app also keeps the child motivated because it has been equipped with a points system along with different sounds and visual effects.


What about People Without Legs?

Many people are unable to walk because of a number of reasons and often feel the need for increased mobility along with independence. In order to help disabled people who are unable to walk, the Kenguru car manufacturer has invented the lightweight electric car in which wheelchair users can navigate easily into the vehicle. This electric vehicle, which is compact, is designed for speeds up to 25 mph making it the ideal invention for moving around the city.

Apps for Mobile Devices

If this discussion is concentrating on inventions for the disabled, is it possible for the technology giant Apple to be left behind? Apple has invented apps like Assistive Express, which can be a life changer for people who are unable to communicate verbally. The app gives these people a voice by allowing them to express themselves simply and efficiently by using a keystroke. These apps are making it possible for the verbally disabled to participate in conversations, perform transactions with unknown people, and even try their hand at playing free slots no deposit win real money. The app also provides word prediction, making it faster for typing along with a choice of natural sounding voices for the assistance of the user.

These are just a few of the technological inventions for disabled people, which they are certain to find extremely beneficial. We are certain that manufacturers will continue to innovate and build even more inventions for disabled people.