A Symposium Is A Great Way for Spreading Information About Health


A symposium focusing on medical issues by women worldwide was held in Ziauddin University Karachi.

A renowned Gynecologist of Pakistan, Dr. Rubina Hussain, said that Pakistan is one of those countries where a large population of women is suffering from different diseases, therefore the rate of diseases in children is also increasing.

While addressing the conference, Dr. Rubina Hussain said that symposiums focusing on different gynecology topics are held by Royal and Ziauddin University. The sole purpose of these is to spread information, so that doctors can benefit from it. On the occasion, the consultant for fetal medicine, from Britain, Dr. Sharif Abdel Fattah, said that women in the West are also facing various diseases largely because of too much work. He further said that Britain is among those countries where researches are done on regular basis on women’s health. During the conference, Vice Chancellor, Ziauddin University, Dr. Pirzada Qasim said that Ziauddin University is one of the best in the country and this is why some of the renowned doctors in Pakistan have studied from here. He said that the symposium on mothers’ and childrens’ health is praise worthy.