Stagnant Rain Water Leads To Infections In Karachi


People are suggested to take care of water lines and are advised to boil water before drinking

Monsoon season has begun in Karachi and the rain will keep pouring down for a few more days. Rain water is becoming a very complicated health issue in Karachi. The streets of Karachi are sometimes filled with heaps of garbage, and in combination with stagnant rain water, it can cause diseases to spread.

According to experts, several areas of Karachi are accumulating garbage which is causing the spread of many infectious diseases. The addition of rain water to this garbage accumulation can cause water-borne diseases.

Puddles of water on the streets due to rainfall are breeding grounds for water-bearing mosquitoes which are spreading diseases like dengue and malaria.

According to doctors, sewage water gets mixed in rain water and diseases like diarrhea and gastroenteritis can affect the citizens of Karachi. It is real important for people to keep the water lines clean and drink boiled water.

When picking up fruits and vegetables, citizens should be careful. Rotten vegetables and fruits should be avoided and pregnant women should take extra care. Windows and doors should be kept closed during this season to prevent mosquitoes from entering.