Six ways to nurture your intuition


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Intuition is a feeling deep down inside that can guide us to act in certain ways without fully understanding why. It’s like an inner compass pointing us in certain directions. A whole host of books, workshops and courses are springing up to teach people to tune into those feelings and listen to that little voice inside for help making the right choices. Here are six ways to get started with honing your intuition.

A new state of awareness

Intuition draws heavily on sensory information, which is detected by the brain even though we aren’t necessarily aware of it, as we don’t make ourselves receptive to these signals most of the time. The most intuitive people are generally those with the highest levels of sensory awareness, consciously tuned into what all five senses are telling them. Regular meditation is one way of achieving this, as well as activities like yoga, tai-chi and qi gong, which set the body in motion. These activities all help nurture perception, which is the root of intuition.

Believe in yourself

It takes a good level of self-confidence to follow your intuition. Plus, it’s important to be able to separate facts from interpretations based on emotions or desires, which can sometimes be misleading. Try keeping a diary of your intuitions, sticking as closely to facts as possible. What was the situation? How did you feel physically? What decision did you make? What was the outcome?

Connect with others for new experiences

Try to do new and different things to shake up your routine with fresh experiences. That’s what psychologists call “stepping out of your comfort zone.” There are all kinds of ways of connecting with others, such as helping with a collective project or volunteering for an association or charity, which can open up all kinds of possibilities for new experiences. Devoting yourself to a project and working as a team are all part of the same strategy. Don’t forget that asking for help is another way of reaching out and connecting with other people.

Explore your creativity

Everything is possible when it comes to getting creative, such as reading, sculpture, painting or acting. It’s in this creative, relaxed state of mind and by having fun that you can experiment with extrasensory perception. Intuition can be awoken and nurtured as you reconnect with your inner child. Feed your thoughts with diverse experiences to broaden your horizons and expand your field of consciousness.

Slow down and switch off

From wolfing down meals and guzzling gallons of coffee to poor-quality sleep, TV and screens as our only leisure activity and constant noise from the street or at the office … make sure you stop and take care of yourself from time to time. Allow yourself genuine moments of relaxation, and take the time to savor healthy food. Find moments of calm in your day to reenergize and revitalize.

Pick up a book or join a workshop

There are plenty of books and workshops out there to help people deepen their intuition. Look online for training courses and evening classes based on practical exercises, group games and discussions, and with talks from experts.