Sitz Bath: Soak your pelvic worries away!


Do you suffer from vaginal yeast infections, hemorrhoids or generally any condition that could cause pain in the pelvic or anal area? If so, then sitz bath is the best way to recover without having to go to a doctor.

In our society, it is very common for women to be uncomfortable in revealing their private parts to even their gynecologist because it is inbred in our system that such an act is not only shameful but also sinful. Some find it so embarrassing that they won’t even disclose it to anyone and would rather suffer in silence. Yes, it is true that society is evolving and to a great extent women are becoming confident in embracing their genital organs and revealing them to their doctors but majority of Pakistani women have yet to cross over.

The origin of the word ‘sitz bath’ is derived from a German term sitzbad simply as a bath in which a person sits. It is also known as the hip bath and is advised for the conditions I have stated above by some of the doctors even. In order to take a sitz bath, it isn’t necessary for you to be suffering from any condition. One can use the shallow bath to cleanse the area for the purpose of everyday personal hygiene as well.

All you have to do is fill a bath tub with lukewarm water or hot water but not more than the amount your skin can tolerate. Since it is uncommon for houses in Pakistan to have a bath tub, just walk up to your nearest store and purchase a plastic tub big enough for you to sit in. You may recognize it as the one used in your house to wash clothes.

As mentioned earlier, a sitz bath is also generally known as a hip bath therefore it is quite obvious that you don’t need extra space for your legs to fit in; just keep them dangling outside. If you have the resources, then you can also buy a sitz bath kit online. It comes with a tub that fits onto your toilet seat. It could also be available at any medical store so be sure to check them out first before ordering it through an online service.

The duration of a sitz bath can vary from 10 to 20 minutes and there are a variety of ingredients that individuals around the world add to it. Most commonly used substances in preparing a sitz bath are salt, baking soda and vinegar because they assist in reducing the infection. Epsom salt is known to be one of the ingredients highly recommended by women for quick recovery. Just sit in the tub and make sure the water level is enough to soak the necessary areas.

Sitz bath is harmless; however, it is possible that some women suffer from palpitations or dizziness because hot water can dilate the blood vessels. Although this rarely occurs yet it is advisable to women who are prone to occurrences of such type to make sure someone is assisting them with the bath; husband, sister, mother or friend. The therapeutic treatment does wonders but one has to be extremely patient. It can take from seven to eight days if you religiously treat yourself with the bath for at least two to three times a day.

It will reduce swellings caused by hemorrhoids, drain a Bartholin gland cyst naturally and will keep your hygiene level intact. It is also advised to women after delivery to heal their postpartum body because pregnancy can take a toll and the bath will speed up the natural healing process.

One of the most common issues raised by women related to a sitz bath is conducting one during their menstrual cycle. It is normal to assume that it will be messy and unhygienic because you are unaware of the mechanics but let me enlighten you that the best part about the bath is that the hot water not only controls the flow and stops it from releasing but also allows for relief from the utterly painful cramps.

Although effective, a sitz bath can’t guarantee complete recovery. Unfortunately, you will need medical attention if the condition prevails. I understand how that can be difficult for some of us who aren’t completely comfortable with the idea but just know that it is a question of our life and health.

It isn’t a shameful thing to be concerned about your health and neither does it violate your honor. Those who advocate you to remain silent would in your condition be running to the doctor. Therefore, if trying this home remedy hasn’t worked for you then it is best for you to take an expert’s advice. The longer you wait, the worse it will get.