Sindh not equipped to deal with potential Swine Flu crisis


With a swine flu outbreak in India, the Sindh government issued alert directing hospitals to set up isolation wards and the air and sea ports to prevent the entry of any suspected patient, but practically the province seems nowhere prepared to deal with the disease.

Dr. Maqsood ul Hassan, Director Bay Medical Center, Medical Director Mountain Medical Center, Australia, said that the specialists and paramedics at public hospitals and clinics in Pakistan and especially Sindh are neither prepared to handle swine influenza cases nor do they have preventive units to communicate with the patients.

Medical specialists including virologists said that the state is not by any means ready to manage any airborne contamination like swine influenza. Swine Flu or H1N1 infection is an illness of the upper respiratory tract.  Symptoms of swine flu include cold, cough, fever and fatigue.

Dr. Maqsood, informed that the best way of the prevention of the disease is vaccines which can be used by anyone above six months of age, which have been introduced in both nasal sprays and inform of shots. He further informed that everyone, especially people with chronic medical diseases should take these vaccinations. The vaccinations do not have any major side effects except those of any other viral disease vaccinations.

According to the Health Ministry of India, swine flu has taken more than 1,500 lives in India and just about 27,000 individuals are contaminated with the infection. Despite the fact that the Indian Government has started safety oriented measures and enhanced human services offices for treatment of the infected patients everywhere throughout the nation, swine flu is still common in many states.

The Indian states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh were the worst hit of the 13 states where occurrence of the viral disease has so far been recorded. The Indian government has asked physicists to stock ‘Tamiflu’, a medication that is utilized to cure the illness. The government additionally has discharged a list of authorized dealers which would be directly under the command of the Indian government sell the swine flu medications and antibodies.

The Indian province which shares the largest border with Pakistan: Rajasthan has recorded the most number of deaths, because of swine flu with the general loss of life to 371 (till thirteenth March). Out of the 6,153 patients positive with the infection, 350 Indian citizens have been accounted to be individuals from Rajasthan and 21 who were travelling through Rajasthan, yet were inhabitants of different provinces. This information was provided in a press release of an Indian official of the State Medical and Health Directorate.

14 days back first case of swine flu was recorded in Jammu and Kashmir and within the short period of time the aggregate number of individuals experiencing swine flu in Jammu and Kashmir has crossed 400, while the loss of life because of swine flu disease in the province has climbed to 17, as updated by the Indian government.

Since January 1, 28 individuals have died from Swine flu in Mumbai. The general toll of individuals experiencing swine flu in Mumbai, as of now, is 1,072.

The loss of life in West Bengal from Swine Flu has reached to 19. The aggregate number of swine flu cases has arrived at 304.

In Bihar, a lady died from swine flu on March 13, which was the first instance of death because of the disease in the state. Around 130 individuals were tried positive for swine influenza, including Navin Chandra Jha, the locale judge of Aurangabad.

In Telangana, the loss of life recorded is 69. On January first 2015, 5967 examples were screened for swine influenza and 1925 individuals were discovered positive.

According to medical experts of viral diseases, Swine flu infection spreads in cool and sticky atmosphere and thus, with the entry of summer and increase in temperatures, the predominance of the infection has decreased. The quantity of positive cases reported from the India has likewise seen a plunge.

On the same time the country is still in a state of emergency in many provinces as expected rainfall can worsen situations in India.

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