Shortage Of Anti-Snake Venom Vaccinations In Government Hospitals


Karachi’s 3 largest teaching hospitals are facing a severe shortage of anti-snake venom vaccinations for snake bites and dog bites. Due to a lack of funds, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital has canceled the treatment of snake and dog bites altogether, Jinnah Hospital is charging a total of Rs.6000 for the treatment of snake bites, and Civil Hospital is the only facility still providing this vaccination free of charge insofar as the medicinal stock lasts. According to reports from Jinnah Hospital, patients being treated for snake bites are admitted to ward # 5 where they are administered up to 5 injections, each of which costs approximately Rs. 1500. Authorities are being requested to allocate more funds to the procurement of these vaccinations given that the rainy season usually gives rise to cases of snake poisoning.

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