Shifting responsibilities: NGOs to take control of hospitals from Sindh government


After admitting that the Sindh government has failed to provide adequate health facilities to the “common man,” Sindh Health Minister Jam Mahtab Hussain Dahar announced that 50 hospitals will be handed over to NGOs in the province. These NGOs will take control of administrative duties.

The NGOs in question include Indus Hospital, Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS), Aman Foundation, and Integrated Health Services and Merlin (an international health charity). Provincial health secretary Saeed Ahmed Mangnejo said that the financial year’s budget has been released to these organizations.

District-headquarter hospitals in Badin, Khairpur Mirs, and Thatta, rural health centers in Larkana division, Taluka headquarter hospitals in Thatta and Badin, and 40 health facilities in Bin Qasim and Gadap Town will now be managed by these NGOs.

This private-public partnership between the government and NGOs is essentially going to be a year-long experimental venture. At the end of the year, a performance report is going to determine whether it could be considered a long term project.

The health department signed an agreement with these organizations in March, and Dahar has asked them to start much of the practical work as soon as they can. He is confident this will be a successful project because of their great work in the health sector in Pakistan.

The organizations have already begun their work to improve public healthcare in the province. Dr Abdul Bari Khan, chief executive officer of the Indus Hospital, recently visited Badin to acknowledge the peoples’ support, as well as the support of the civil society and political parties.

HANDS chief executive, Dr Shaikh Tanveer Ahmed is excited about this partnership and hopes the good intentions to improve the health of people will be a success. The 40 public hospitals in Bin Qasim and Gadap Town, the district headquarters hospital in Khairpur Mirs, as well as the district headquarters hospital in Tando Muhammed Khan and Taluka headquarter hospital in Hala are being handed over to HANDS.  Nadeem Wagan, general manager of HANDS said they have started their work and have completed their base surveys.

Dr Khan also confirmed that their initial assessments have been carried out successfully.

The health department will sit today with these organizations to finalize all plans according to the agreement.

Article Source : Tribune