Selfie controversy: Why Komal Rizvi has been under attack


Over the past couple of days, Pakistani singer Komal Rizvi has been heavily criticized for taking a controversial selfie with reverend philanthropist, Abdul Sattar Edhi. The singer visited him and his wife on Sunday because Edhi was reported unwell a few days back.

While visiting him, she took selfies with him and his wife and posted them on her Facebook page. However, her followers did like this gesture very much. And many of them took to social media to start a campaign against her.

Many people are viewing her gesture as disrespectful. Others have found more creative ways to fuel their disdain.








On social media, Rizvi is accused of being an attention-seeker who showed off her good deeds for publicity. But there are people who have come to her aid as well.

Many are dubbing this incident as being blown out of proportion and some people feel that Rizvi’s selfie with Edhi was just that – a selfie. While living in a culture where selfies are fast becoming the new normal, it is hypocritical of people to hold this gesture against Rizvi, many believe.

In response to this controversy, Komal tried to justify herself with this statement:

“I shared this personal visit with you and the conversations we had briefly because I believe that my selfie with Edhi Sahib is possibly the greatest and best selfie I have ever taken. Both Edhi Sahib and I were happy taking it. We were laughing and joking and singing and talking about other celebrity visits and how I can possibly participate in the future with their foundation.”